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September 4: Skin care, foodies and Bryan teeters on going gluten free

Today's show included Mary Wight from Dr. Bhoyrul (she's the dietitian), Suzanne Mulroy (a health and beauty veteran), Angie and her son Nick Kazmarek who is doing a nutrition food blog for teens. I have a photo.

We talked about cosmetics (specifically for your face and the routines that companies want you to follow). We were first dropping the new sales method of change your skin care routine every three months and that truly in most cases the only difference between a man's product and woman's product is the packaging. Obviously, men don't want a cleanser with a pink rose on it. Even if it Bryan uses Lab Series and he loves it.  Yours truly uses a combination of Clinique and Mary Kay with a few toes dipped into MAC. Lots of the companies are coming out with multi-lines so they don't lose you with this change your skin care regime every three months as your face and skin becomes accustomed to what you are using and you lose its effectiveness.

We also talked with Mary a lot about hydration and that you have to fill up the inside to look good on the outside. We talked about eating healthy diet and how it doesn't have to be hard or require signing up for some formulated regime. Eat plain, clean food. 

Angie's son is writing a food blog because he was sensitive to many foods like Bryan, even though Bryan's habits aren't where they should be - YET. We will be talking more about that in the upcoming weeks as well. There is a test you take that tells you everything your body is allergic to.  Bryan's test came back with everything except watermelon! I'm serious. He just can't pull the trigger to go all the way Gluten Free but is trying.

August 14: Dollar Shave Club and Remembering to Ask About Parking

Yesterday we had the CEO and founder of Dollar Shave Club Michael Dublin. Bryan and Angie discussed a bunch of different things - BIG SURPRISE - good grief, those two change topics so fast it would have made your head spin. A lot of it had to do with loyalty, reconnecting with folks you care about most and they also discussed the San Francisco market and an old friend, Jon Giacomi.

Sad real estate story reminding us to ask what we assume are obvious things for agents to reveal before you put in an offer. He had his condo on the market for a day or two and it sold but the agent didn't tell the buyer that it didn't have a parking space so you know Bryan went off on being sure that you get a competent agent.

If you are in the City or areas with limited parking in the area, that's something you would want to know about right away regardless of public transportation.  

Hey, back to the Dollar Shave Club and CEO Michael Dubin:

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