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May 1: From Junkers to Gems with Brian & Patrick

guest-brian-patrick.jpgReal Estate market was discussed and the vigor it has take on.  The types of homes that fit into REIG Asset Mgmt's company was discussed and how values have just skyrocketed leaving some of the panelists to believe there is a partial bubble possibly happening.   Brian and Patrick continue to do amazing things with taking a house that is in serious need of renovation and making it a gem.  "From junkers to gems" is an understatement.

April 10: Financial Planner, Marci Bair

Bryan has known Marci Bair for 20 years. She's a financial planner with Bair Financial Planning as part of the financial planning division of MetLife. She's led a local networking group in San Diego and because it's such a great group there is a waiting list for it.  Anyone can call themselves a financial planner, but to be a certified financial planner you have a degree from a university, series of 6 courses, 2-day 10 hour exam. Make sure your "financial planner" is CERTIFIED.

She seems to stretch into the HR benefits department when dealing with small businesses or sole proprietors.

What is a financial plan?

Roadmap to give you clarity and peace of mind. It can be a tangible "book," but usually it's a plan for you to know where you came from, where you want to be and the path to get there. It's an action list - if you don't take action from the plan it has been wasted money.

Advice in tax planning, retirement planning, insurances, cash flow, debt, refinance, student loans, difference between good debt and dead debt, estate planning.

Take Down Segment


Panelists Brian Daly and Patrick Clark from REIG Asset Management,  Bruce Levine (Real Estate Broker) question Eric Phillips of Georggin Law about their practice of deleting short sales, it’s viability etc..  This one I had the guy in the hot seat!!

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