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About Bryan Garrity

August 19, 2019

Bryan Garrity Host of Big Daddy RadioBryan Garrity Name
His voice, quick wit, and charisma are unmistakable. Despite being a natural radio personality, Bryan Garrity is primarily known as one of the most knowledgable and successful real estate agents in San Diego County, having achieved well over $100 million in gross real estate sales and transactions throughout his career. A native of Southern California, Bryan was born and raised in Orange County and is a graduate of both San Diego State University and Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Bryan’s devotion and enthusiasm for personally investing his time and knowledge into each of his individual real estate client’s needs are clear to anyone who has worked with him. This coupled with his overall knowledge of the industry and real estate law allows him to provide the most seamless and least stressful experience throughout the process to his clients who are all dealing with one of the largest investments of their lives.

Big Daddy Radio was born out of this extreme passion for real estate and has evolved into its current state integrating and embracing his love and obsession for all things pop culture and the latest in celebrity news, music, television, and movies. Whether he’s defending his eternal love for Madonna and her talent as a master entertainer that has paved the way for many younger artists, as well as his sensitivity, compassion, and activism for animals, and equality for all people, Big Daddy LIVE show listeners are undoubtedly always informed, inspired and thoroughly entertained.

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