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Gratitude for Our Partners, We Don’t Call Them Vendors.


Bryan's guests today are from First American Title - a dream team of sorts, Nikki Lam, Lexi Hutchings, and Beth Sando. The show started out catching up on what's been going on with Bryan for the past month and then they all gave a wonderful explanation about Title in a real estate transaction. Our co-producer, Susan Finch, said it was great to have it explained to someone NOT in the industry. The group morphed into a conversation about the importance of partnerships, rather than strictly vendor/client relationships - be invested. 

Tune in to listen to it all. 

Bomb threat closes LA County schools, political correctness and the holidays and Caitlyn Jenner apologies to the transgender community

In the wake of two virtually identical bomb threats being emailed within one day of each other, first to New York and then to LA Country schools, there was of course fear and concern that brought both school districts to make very different decisions. New York decided to keep school open unless there was more concrete proof of an imminent threat, while LA decided to be more cautious and close over 900 schools across the county. There has been criticism on both sides, so which district handled the situation appropriately? 

As we all know, the United States has become adapted to be a very politically correct, especially when considering other religious backgrounds, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. However, is it going too far to rename holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in schools and other government institutions?
Lastly, on Big Daddy's Radar this week, was Caitlyn Jenner in the news again. Not only was she apologizing to the transgender community for insensitive comments but many have criticized her as the "Donald Trump of the Transgender Community." Ouch. A little harsh?

TV seasons getting shorter, new study: sex is best when on vacation, and new couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Guest panelist Nicky Elliston from Smarter San Diego returned to the show this week and joined in on the conversation about the latest #OnBigDaddysRadar. 

First up was about how TV seasons have become much shorter than they once were. Don't you remember when TV programs began in September, took a week off for Thanksgiving, another week off for Christmas and then had the season finale around the end of May? Now it seems most shows are much shorter, There is now what is called a "winter hiatus"  that lasts for close to two months On top of that, the shows seem to end earlier than they used to. What's that all about? 

Additionally, we discussed results released from a recent study indicating that most people have the best sex when they are on vacation. There are many theories behind this, but most likely it has to do with the fact that people are excited and happy to be on vacation, they are away from the kids, and they just have more free time than they would at home stressed and preoccupied with having to get ready for work 
Lastly, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani seem to be on blast in almost every entertainment publication, both online and in print, after announcing that they are now a couple. Can a relationship like theirs last when they are constantly in the spotlight? 

Marriage Equality in Ireland and reactions from the Catholic Church, Johnny Depp in trouble in Australia and more

This week, we were down to three, as panelist Amanda Silber was feeling a bit under the weather. We hope she feels better soon, especially in time for next week's show. 

We still covered quite a lot of ground, discussing the Irish referendum and Ireland being the first country in the world to pass a law in favor marriage equality by popular vote. Serious history being made there folks.
We can't have a show without a little pop culture gossip, and this time we kicked it off with Johnny Depp smuggling Pistol and Boo, his two Yorkshire terriers, into Australia where he is filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. No surprise that it didn't go over very well with the Australian government. The minister of of Agriculture actually threatened to kill the dogs if they were not removed from the country within a certain timeframe, and now Depp could be facing up to 10 years in the slammer for not complying with Australia's animal quarantine regulations. 
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