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Bomb threat closes LA County schools, political correctness and the holidays and Caitlyn Jenner apologies to the transgender community

December 18, 2015

In the wake of two virtually identical bomb threats being emailed within one day of each other, first to New York and then to LA Country schools, there was of course fear and concern that brought both school districts to make very different decisions. New York decided to keep school open unless there was more concrete proof of an imminent threat, while LA decided to be more cautious and close over 900 schools across the county. There has been criticism on both sides, so which district handled the situation appropriately? 

As we all know, the United States has become adapted to be a very politically correct, especially when considering other religious backgrounds, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. However, is it going too far to rename holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in schools and other government institutions?
Lastly, on Big Daddy's Radar this week, was Caitlyn Jenner in the news again. Not only was she apologizing to the transgender community for insensitive comments but many have criticized her as the "Donald Trump of the Transgender Community." Ouch. A little harsh?