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Guest Panelist: Sandy Lyons Rasque from The WELLth Center, The Nicki Minaj Miley Cyrus confrontation and more

This week, we had the pleasure to welcome back the wonderful Sandy Lyons Rasque as a special guest panelist. Sandy is the founder of The WELLth Center, an organization that helps people take control over their healthcare by connecting them with concierge physicians and practices. 

It was very eye opening to learn and discuss with Sandy about this relatively new concept of medial care, especially in the wake of fairly recent changes since the Affordable Care Act and the ongoing healthcare changes we will inevitably continue to see. 

Sandy will be on the show again for a deeper dive into this subject later this month, so you if you have anything you'd like to ask her, please visit our website,, click on "contact" and send us your questions. 

As we do every week, we also discussed the latest in pop culture and hot topics. This week among a variety of other topics, we covered the amazing return of Celine Dion to her Las Vegas performance residency, Brittney Spears kicking some serious booty in her Vegas residency, as well as the ridiculous back and forth between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). 

Dr. Christin Ernst from Physiotheraphy Associates talks benefits and misconceptions of physical therapy

Dr. Christin Ernst from Physiotherapy Associates joined us in the studio this week to chat about physical therapy, the misconceptions out there, as well as the major benefits it can provide to not only heal injuries, but also prevent future injuries, and even in in some cases, having surgery. 

As many of you know, our very own host, Bryan Garrity had major back surgery at the end of last year and is still in the process of healing. Without the amazing care, kindness, knowledge and skill of Dr. Christin Ernst and the others at Physiotherapy Associates, he would not be recovering anywhere close to as well as he is today. 

Who knew there were so many ways to smooth wrinkles

Welcome Doc Farnesi of Medical Age Management back to the studio.

Also on our panel we have the beautiful and talented Amy Scruggs who has much to share with us and needs your support at her upcoming Veterans Benefit Event/ and an event 9/17 in Escondido:

Business Salute to Police and Public Safety
September 17, 2014
California Center for the Arts
Escondido, CA
The Third Annual Awards Luncheon will honor those who serve and protect our region. The 2014 Awards showcase the dedicated officers, administrators, and community volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their duties.  Learn more here >

Amy and Doc Farnesi are two of the show's favorites  All of these great guests and my beautiful co-host Angela Moskovis is sure to make for a great show as always at the new drive time 2:00-3:00PM OR like so many of our listeners tune in while you work for some afternoon entertainment.

Sierra Pacific Mortgage is her "day job." She loves combining her music and job - it's all about helping veterans. And one of their biggest needs is in the area of housing.

One of Bryan's favorite doctors is here - a favorite because he is a firm believer in FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE rather than just patching up ailments with a treatment. He wants to know WHY your body is doing what it's doing. He says this is exhausting and limits his ability to cram a bunch of patients in his day. He focuses on determining the root cause and REALLY LISTENS. Bryan credits him with saving his life and giving him a chance at a great life. 

Botox you treat the muscles.  Over time, the botox relaxes and the wrinkles relax.
Filler is a physical push up of the wrinkles.
cheek volume, under the eyes, fine lines - thin needle.... there are tons of options that he covered. I'm dizzy just hearing them all. Never knew there were so many options. I'll keep my fluffy cheeks which keeps my wrinkles at bey, but makes it hard to button a shirt sometimes!

Bryan went on a RANT about agents who put offers with VA loans attached to the bottom of the pile. STOP DOING THAT!

We got into some pop-culture and the method of marathoning a series to catch up during off season.  Bryan and Angie love The Goodwife.
Me, I'm partial to Grimm marathons. One season or more in one day - good lazy day thing.

We also spent time remembering 9/11, expressing continued anger as to the WHYs it happened. Bryan went on another rant here - deserved. You don't like our country and how we run things and enjoy things here? Get out, and go find a country that better matches you, but leave behind your healthcare, fresh produce, safe streets, clean water, indoor plumbing - just go to your "homeland" and get out.  Leave us be, we did nothing to you. It's like television, if you don't like it, change the channel.

Cover CA is for the Young & Healthies

Marci Bair of Bair Financial Services MetLife joined us in the studio today. Bryan is back from vacation and let me tell you, he's rested and good to go and tell you all about Bora Bora.

The exchange doesn't work because of how restrictive the provider list is. Only good for "young healthies."

Small groups of 50 and under, may make more sense to go to individual based coverage. If you go with Cover California you are VERY limited with your choice of physicians. Very few signed up to be part of it. Insurance companies will work with them if they are in mid-treatment as they are switching to a new carrier.

If someone doesn't qualify for premium subsidy, this will cause a huge problem. 
Under 40K income is helpful for older people on very limited incomes. 

Way more out of pocket and it becomes more catastrophic coverage. A bit frenetic if you visit more than one specialist each year. Choosing new doctors and starting over isn't always an option. There is only an option to change providers during Open Enrollment November 15 - February 15 - that's the only time. Get it done by December and you can get set up by January.

Small company plans increasing significantly. Seek professional advice if this happened to you.
Listen to this show, especially starting after the break at about 12 minutes. There is a TON of information here. You'll want to listen, perhaps more than once, to take notes.

Have to be your own health advocate. We know it takes a lot of time, but you need to stay on top of treatments, 

Next week Heather Shotke of GramMarch will be in the studio panel.

OMG, LOL - #gramMARCH, Debt Settlement

Considering Bryan’s fondness of the English language and fully expressing himself in complete sentences, this cause spoke to him loudly, clearly and with a full Oh My Goodness! spelled out in its entirety.

The gramMARCH challenge is the brainchild of middle school teacher Heather Shotke, who has seen these abbreviated forms of language migrate from the screens of smartphones to the pages of her students’ work product. She is shocked at the type of writing that comes across her desk – even in formal essay assignments.

“I am disappointed and appalled,” Shotke said. “Kids are using ‘text language’ in their academic work and they think it is acceptable because that is how they are communicating with their friends on social media. It worries me that they cannot differentiate between a formal, school assignment and a text to a friend.”

Shotke, a graduate of the Annenberg School of Communication at USC, is concerned that society has become too acceptant of this new-era shorthand. Students are not the only ones at fault. Adults too have adopted this lax method of prose. Through gramMARCH, Shotke is challenging the nation to slow down and think about what they are writing, so that thoughts and words are concise and given respect.

Big Daddy Radio isn’t just about the spoken word, but about the written word, as well, to convey clear and complete opinions.

We’ll also be joined by attorney, Daniel Gamez and Guest Co-Host, Sandy Rasque.

Heather teaches in Rosemead at a K-8 school – 7th and 8th. She has taken her cause beyond her classroom, yet that is what inspired her. She has friends who teach at reputable colleges that notice this same writing style in entrance essays and exams. Did you know they are dropping the entrance essays in the SATs – probably inspired by the lack of interest of clear and accurate expression through writing.

LOL, OMG have their places, but in a professional email, essay or proposals are not the places. How do you build confidence in your message if your audience has to decipher what you are attempting to say. This is leading to a severe decline and disconnect on how we communicate with each other. The bad habits are being formed now. But think about it, sometimes they text when they are sitting next to each other for privacy.

Daniel Gamez is a debt settlement specialist including medical bills. His goal is to help clients avoid bankruptcy, gain some positive spending and saving habits and lose the noose of debt.

Daniel R. Gamez,an attorney focusing exclusively in debt settlement, is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in California and Texas. Mr.Gamez is a member of the State Bar of California, State Bar of Texas, San Diego County Bar Association, La Jolla Bar Association, North County Bar Association, San Diego Bankruptcy Forum, Bird Rock Elementary Governance Team, and a number of other business and social networking organizations.

You can find his firm here >

Sandy Rasque has started with a new company, Concierge Medicine. Her role is to help them with branding. It’s a bit of client advocacy as well as assisting them through the maze of medical care.


Halpen Red Burger, David Young and Marci Bair on Cover California

March 31 deadline is upon us!
After that deadline, there is a penalty $95/person per year, or 1% of your income.
It goes up to 2%, 2.5% the following year.

Prioritize - get your insurance. Think about the savings.. Marci was able to bring one family's healthcare down from $975 per month to $350. HURRY. If you wait too long, you'll be locked out until the first of next year.

Read the rest of this entry »

David Shyde’s Music and Sandy Rasque, Guest CoHost

What's new with David? Let me tell you, he released his first album and has been playing continuously. Brian Pierini, David’s friend and colaborator of many years on tenor sax, Greg Manning – keyboards, Ricky Lawson – drums, James East – bass, David Shyde – guitar/vocals performed at Art Affaire 2013 in Rancho Mirage.

at 13:06 you'll hear him play. He's great with others, plugged in or unplugged! We just love this man's music and talent!  Sandy is SWOONING throughout this - you can almost feel her swaying and staring at David.

Singles will be available in 30 days. We'll add the links.
Visit his site here:

He explained WHY he had to change the spelling of his name... part of the dumbing down of America. Fits in with the texting culture finding its way into English classes, writing and more.

Fitness, Insurance and Music

Great show today - quite diverse. So excited to have Raquel Perry, The Fitness Stalker back. She discussed various regimes that are common these days. More to be revealed. We were also joined by songwriter and three time Grammy Nominee, Tehrah Taylor :

Best Contemporary Christian Music Song (For Tehrah & Tom Hopkins)
Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance
Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals (for Tom Hokins)

And then we were revisited by insurance guru’s Michelle and Mary Montiel back discussing supplemental insurance and retirement policies.

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