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Who knew there were so many ways to smooth wrinkles

September 12, 2014
Welcome Doc Farnesi of Medical Age Management back to the studio.

Also on our panel we have the beautiful and talented Amy Scruggs who has much to share with us and needs your support at her upcoming Veterans Benefit Event/ and an event 9/17 in Escondido:

Business Salute to Police and Public Safety
September 17, 2014
California Center for the Arts
Escondido, CA
The Third Annual Awards Luncheon will honor those who serve and protect our region. The 2014 Awards showcase the dedicated officers, administrators, and community volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their duties.  Learn more here >

Amy and Doc Farnesi are two of the show's favorites  All of these great guests and my beautiful co-host Angela Moskovis is sure to make for a great show as always at the new drive time 2:00-3:00PM OR like so many of our listeners tune in while you work for some afternoon entertainment.

Sierra Pacific Mortgage is her "day job." She loves combining her music and job - it's all about helping veterans. And one of their biggest needs is in the area of housing.

One of Bryan's favorite doctors is here - a favorite because he is a firm believer in FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE rather than just patching up ailments with a treatment. He wants to know WHY your body is doing what it's doing. He says this is exhausting and limits his ability to cram a bunch of patients in his day. He focuses on determining the root cause and REALLY LISTENS. Bryan credits him with saving his life and giving him a chance at a great life. 

Botox you treat the muscles.  Over time, the botox relaxes and the wrinkles relax.
Filler is a physical push up of the wrinkles.
cheek volume, under the eyes, fine lines - thin needle.... there are tons of options that he covered. I'm dizzy just hearing them all. Never knew there were so many options. I'll keep my fluffy cheeks which keeps my wrinkles at bey, but makes it hard to button a shirt sometimes!

Bryan went on a RANT about agents who put offers with VA loans attached to the bottom of the pile. STOP DOING THAT!

We got into some pop-culture and the method of marathoning a series to catch up during off season.  Bryan and Angie love The Goodwife.
Me, I'm partial to Grimm marathons. One season or more in one day - good lazy day thing.

We also spent time remembering 9/11, expressing continued anger as to the WHYs it happened. Bryan went on another rant here - deserved. You don't like our country and how we run things and enjoy things here? Get out, and go find a country that better matches you, but leave behind your healthcare, fresh produce, safe streets, clean water, indoor plumbing - just go to your "homeland" and get out.  Leave us be, we did nothing to you. It's like television, if you don't like it, change the channel.