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1% commission bait and switch in real estate, skunks and racism.

August 28, 2019


This episode aired live July 15, 2019. Guests included: Patrick Mercer, Jennifer Koch, Ryan Alvey, Jonathan Cohen-Kurzrock. Topics ran the full gamut from a big chunk on Real Estate and commissions to healthcare, social media, The Golden Rule, racism and back to Real Estate. For context and more laughs, you'll need to listen to the full show here. Some of the quotable moments from today's episode include these:

But no, it was a 20-pound looking skunk. That thing was massive. It must've sprayed all over all three of them. But my girl's like, "No, no, you little b*tch. You're not allowed in my backyard, you're out of here." So she killed the skunk and then this morning I was like, "Ooh, the skunky."

Jennifer Koch -  I feel like Vanna White right now the way you're saying this.
Bryan Garrity - I feel like I was Vanna getting you my darling.

"There are some that are not so fun that are in real estate and they will not be on this show. No, they will not be on this show."

On real estate agent commissions and the supposed "1% commission" bait and switch:

Once you realize your self-worth, you'll stop giving a discount. 

It needs to be more than, "Oh I just want to get the listing," but what else are you offering against those other agents? Especially if we are talking the same price commission.

It's always scary when they say, "My friend just got their license a week ago." So the nice part of me, the nice part of me is like, "We'll help your friend." The realistic part of me is like, "Run the other direction and tell them to call me in a couple of years when you get some experience. Do you want to be the guinea pig for that person?

On racism

We live in a crazy society now with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where I think that this hatred, if you will, or negative talk has always been around, I just think that it wasn't able to get out there because people said it kind of behind closed doors. 

I would say in the last few years though I feel like it's heightened. I think that comes from the top, you know, Cheeto head definitely I think has a big effect on that part. Where just when you see the allowance at the highest level in the US, being able to say certain things, being able to treat people certain ways, and for a lot of cultures dog whistles that other people might not hear, but definitely dog whistles depending on who you are. The people who have those racist tendencies in everything, that's how they feel like they're allowed to come out. A dog whistle is when basically someone says something and only the people who have that belief and the people who it's against are able to hear it. So what happens is a lot of people might not realize it, like there might be 50% of people who don't realize that someone just said something racist. Except for the group that's being hit upon and the people that that person is trying to incite the racism in.

I'll tell you what's happened the last couple of years, we found out that what goes behind those closed doors is not quite all rainbows and sunshine like people thought. It's too bad.

Let's just get back to a community of respect for one another, of love for one another. People make fun of me and say, "Oh yeah, love, love, love." Yeah, yes, love all day. Why not? You want it to be hate, hate, hate? That doesn't make a sh*it of sense to me, that actually pisses me off.

That's my favorite thing to do when I get home at night though. Sit my ass on the couch, and get a Mexican Coke, and play with my puppies, and watch The View.

Well, I feel like mental health is like the healthcare system and the way it's set up, they overlook that a lot and helping people with mental illness. I have a lot of family and friends that I've seen go through that and a lot of times it seems like they're just throwing pills at them. Let's experiment with this, let's try this, let's up that, let's take that down, let's throw that in, and it doesn't really help the problem. I think they just try to brush it under the rug and forget about it. Like, "Here take some of these and have fun."

On minding your own flippin' business:

Patrick Mercer: "It's obviously difficult for people to stay in their lane..."

Bryan Garrity - "I like that. Stay in your lane, stay in your lane."