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April 24: Mary Wight on Nutrition and Obesity

April 24, 2013

mary-wight.jpgMary is a member of the team at Olde Del Mar Surgical center. She is Bryan's nutritionist as he is progressing toward a VERY healthy lifestyle. Today they discussed nutrition in today's society and will be talking with her in the future about childhood obesity and tackling that problem along with bullying. Sometimes they go hand-in-hand.

Mary is an integral part of our team, supplying the nutritional component to your weight loss journey. She has experience working with patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings with multiple disease states (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease), as well as eating disorders and behavioral health. Mary will guide patients in making the necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes before and after surgery to help prepare them for great success. Our surgical weight loss program requires the support of a registered dietitian as a part of our interdisciplinary approach to your weight loss journey