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Big Daddy Live Reboot - What’s that SMELL?

August 27, 2019


Some quotable moments from this first reboot episode with our guests: Morgan McGuire, Ryan Alvey, and Jonathan Cohen-Kurzrock:

"Although I did write an offer on a house today, that was detached, super cute, tiny, $500,000. So I know people in other parts of the country are like wow. But you have to pay for that weather, there's a tax on it. I tell you what, if you were here in San Diego this year from January to June, I want a refund of some of that tax that we pay."

"Every time I take a listing, I tell the people, "I promise you, you're going to have emotions around this, you have lived in this house for 25 years, you are going to have emotions around it." If I say that to somebody who's lived in a house for five years, they'd be like, "nope, we've only been here for five years." It's like, "you're going to have emotions around it because in those five years there was a lot of living that happened." Maybe you had a baby, maybe you got married, who knows. There's a lot of things that get tied to houses, and it's an emotionally charged thing."

"Now, I don't want to get banged on. I don't want to get banged on because I'm drinking water from a plastic bottle. I understand that plastic is not good for the environment, I really do. And I'm sure our ancestors probably didn't understand it as much, and when I want my water, I want my water in this bottle. But I want it to be cold. I promise I'll put it wherever you want me to put it, but I won't throw it in the ocean."

"I'm a freak about smell. I'm not good around smell, like people that have stinky feet, like put on socks or wash them.  If you have stinky feet it's okay, just make sure you're washing them, and keep them covered up. But, I was in a hotel room with somebody, and I was like, "d*mn! What is that smell?" I thought it was the hotel. And it was a nice hotel too. I was like, "what is that?"

"People have a hard time looking you in the eye, but they don't have a hard time scrolling through your feed and liking it."

"And if I was that client, I'd b*tch slap that phone out of your hand so fast your head will spin. Just saying, that's just my two cents on it. But how do you feel about it? Really, what do you think?"

"Pick up the phone. That's something that's actually been irritating me lately because it's like, you can get a lot more out of a phone call."

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