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Big Daddy Radio 2.0 is because of YOU!

July 2, 2014

Hey, we are BACK! We have missed you all. We thought we were moving, but because of your enormous support on ESPN we are back - we are here for YOU! Thank you. We are truly humbled by the campaign.

2.0 - why 2.0? Well DUH! We moved to the 2:00 hour! Like it? We thought you would!

Let's recap the past month or so:
Angie's twins turned 17 a few days ago - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS!
Angie gave us a lot of background on her current campaign on Indiegogo crowd-funding resource. There are several options for this type of starter fundraising that give a lot of people options.

Oh, and big surprise - Bryan has had more health issues this past month. He hates even going into it, but here's the take away....


your friends are asking if there may be an issue, don't sluff it off. They notice these differences. LISTEN TO THEM, take action, insist on checking in with your doc and perhaps getting 2nd or 3rd opinions. It's your life - make it of quality!

Oh and we covered the Kardashians, Gaga, the future features on our show, music and more.