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Bryan’s New Home: The Home Pro Show

May 20, 2014

We are going to be focusing on them and how they conceptually got started with this program. Sean and Heather Johnson started The Home Pro Show two years ago in order to provide San Diego consumers a trusted local resource for information, education and entertainment about their homes.

They have built a strong team of the very best pros in each home service category. These pros review companies, answer questions, provide advice and help connect homeowners to the right pro for any job they may have.

Each Saturday morning at 9AM on KOGO 600, you can hear The Home Pro Show discuss a variety of topics related to your home. From remodeling to real estate, from solar to subfloors, The Home Pro Show covers it all with expert pros in each category.

Similarly, on San Diego 6 TV each Monday at 9AM, The Home Pro Show feature on San Diego Living brings those same pros on to help solve problems and inspire San Diegans to do great things with their homes and gardens.

All of the pros and information can be accessed around-the-clock at This online resource has tips, advice, videos and a searchable database of the top local companies in each home service category. Of course, all of this is a totally free service to the San Diego community.

Before any company can come on The Home Pro Show or, they must pass a very rigorous approval process. This process weeds out the lesser companies so only the top pros in each category are ever found on the show or the associated online and social media outlets. Only the very best are ever granted the status Approved Home Pro. Many, many companies have been turned down for Approval and no amount of money can buy Approval when it has not been earned.

Sean, Heather and the whole team stand behind the program and put their hard work and passion into every show and every online post. They believe they had a duty to the local community to help protect them from unscrupulous companies and to help Uplift, Educate and Entertain the San Diego community. BIOS

Sean Johnson- Long time media veteran, Sean was the Vice President of Clear Channel Radio here in San Diego for several years. In that position he led the sales efforts for seven top local stations and the San Diego Chargers radio broadcasts. Sean also ran his own publishing company for several years.

Heather Johnson- Heather spent several years working with home improvement radio in the Phoenix market. As well, she was a top performer with both Clear Channel and Bonneville radio groups.