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Building your home sanctuary without breaking your budget

August 20, 2014
Are you thinking you need furniture? Time to call Maridee Johnson, owner of Johnson Interiors, and More

"When they come home, that's their safe, quiet place. It needs to be an important space in your life.
You need to build that sense where your family and friends want to gather."

Sometimes she just fills in a few pieces to add to what they have started. Sometimes she starts over in a room because the room doesn't fit in the purpose of the gathering space.  What do you need to do in the space?

Bryan is partial to big, comfy "too big for the space" pieces so the furniture hugs him and lulls him to sleep.

Lighting has changed - more impersonal - more architectural Mary is partial to lamps as they are like jewelry - but lamps today are UGLY. Susan Finch is big on custom lamps by artists or converting art pieces into lamps. Raku pottery, metal, wood - texture... The way the lighting can create the mood. She can go from mood lighting or everyone can read from wherever they are sitting in the room.

HOLY COW - there's a whole lot of ugly lighting happening here - start with the Coca Cola bottle lamp!

BUILD your home setting one great piece at a time instead of trying to budget to slam out all at once. Better - like good clothing - buy ONE piece that is carefully selected, then budget for the next.
Check out art shows, consider antiques. 

Big Daddy Radio Hour today at the new drive time 2:00PM on ESPN 1700AM or you can listen live at We have a great panel today to include a local business owner who is astute in interior design and furniture sales. There has been such a shift in the industry that we are going to hear from an expert who has been in the business for over forty years. Think you know what really should go into a furniture piece? Are the Big Box Lenders knocking out the little guy? Don't miss this show as we will not be holding back (as if we ever do!). We love our listeners.

Let's not fill the landfills with disposable furniture - pressboard, formica, etc.