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Can you say no? Sure you can, just practice.

July 15, 2014
Drew Ornelas, Angela Moskovis and Sally Crawford were in the studio.
Sally and her husband - remember her from the carny documentary? But wait, she's on to ANOTHER project.
Angie is having a blast with her crowdfunding campaign.
Sally has a few favorite social media venues. She mainly wants you to know to not be afraid or overwhelmed. Do what you can! 

It really is possible to keep a lot of Facebook and many others private, but don't be naive, if it's online, it can still be found somehow. If you want it private forever, don't post it.

Angela talked about her new love for blogging.
It's been really helping her with her crowdfunding.
You can get inspired by every day occurrences. It's all how you tell the story.

Sally explained the basic differences between two crowdfunding systems:
Indigogo vs. Kickstarter.
The biggest is that Indigogo permits a flexible amount.... so if you raise $4,999 you get that money. Kickstarter, if you set it at $5,000 and raised $4999 - you didn't meet the goal and therefore you don't get the money.
With Indigogo, after campaign is closed, you can continue to allow people to contribute.

Have to stay active, even after the fact. Great way to stay in contact with those who supported you. Then, you can create a new campaign and have a built in system to reach out to for initial interest.

How to say no, easier with some practice. 
It's hard to "unspin" once you say yes and REALLY didn't want to say yes. Slow down, really think about WHY you are saying yes, or why you WANT to say no. Stay respectful, stay kind and say the true answer you want. Get over yourself. They'd rather have a TRUTHFUL answer, even if it's disappointing than to hear the answer they want to hear and you let resentment and regret build to stand by your answer.