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Concierge Medicine, VW #DieselGate, The Facebook Hoax and Social Media Meanies

October 3, 2015

Sandy Lyons Rasque from the WELLth Center is back to talk about Concierge Medicine and how it can really help change how you interact with your doctor and receive the medical care you need. 

In addition, we're super upset about the recent VW debacle, (aka #DieselGate) that directly effects Amanda, who just purchased a VW with a TDI engine just two months ago. It's going to be interesting to see what ends up happening with VW in the wake of this big issue. All we know is that it's not good at all. 
Lastly, we've talked about social media often on the show, but this time we're obsessing about the reasons why so many people are not only so quick to believe anything that is posted on social networks (think the Facebook privacy hoax) and also why people are just so damn mean to each other. It's unfortunately so common to see others making nasty comments that they would probably never ever say normally to anyone if they were face to face with someone. Why do people think social media gives people this special pass?