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Del Mar Popup Culture with Paulette McWilliams, Loans Tips from Amanda

October 2, 2014
Amanda Weeks from Movement Mortgage.
Drew Ornelas from the Garrity Group
Angie back from her anniversary celebration.

Oh good grief - one more reality show for Bryan - the Voice. Thanks a lot, Amanda! We really covered Gwen Stefani - salt of the earth, but super intelligent and fashionable. Uh, we are fans of her! She worked hard to get where she is. She's real. Is The Voice taking over American Idol?  Hmmmm. People seem to be enjoying The Voice more. More talent. Not as narcissistic of a panel that Idol has. 

Let's get to a meatier topic, why is everyone so afraid they cannot get a mortgage these days?

Amanda confirmed that it's not nearly as easy as it used to be. It's more of a detail-oriented process.
Work with a professional to get the expectations out on the table. If you want to help speed along the process, be able to get your hands on the documents they'll need such as tax filing from the most recent year or two.

What sets Movement Mortgage apart from other lenders? Let me tell you:
Turn around approval within 6-24 hours.
Then it's just pending appraisal and condo docs.
With this speed, red flags will come out quickly.
They process their files within 7 days. 100% of them are processed within 7 days if Amanda is your loan officer.
Then you know what you are dealing with and can plan your move without waiting for something to come out.

THIS IS CRITICAL so you don't miss on contingency deadlines, deposits, etc. or that you are expecting to close a deal and let other opportunities go by.

Choose your loan professional carefully and insist on the one of your choice with your agent. You are in charge and may choose your team members for your deal.

Amanda LOVES VA loans! Bring them to her!

She's been in loans for two years and Drew thinks she's already earned her superhero status!

WOO HOO! Call in guest today is singer - performer - Paulette McWilliams. You probably don't realize how familiar her voice is. She gave us a taste of many songs and commercials she's performed. You need to list at about5 the halfway mark in the show and you'll say, "NO WAY - THAT'S who sang that?
She's quite humble, but she shared with us that she's worked with Michael Jackson,  Luther Vandros, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Mathis, Qunicy Jones, Rufus - before it was Chaka Kahn's group over the past two decades: tours, albums
hundreds of commercials for national and international brands.

You can see her perform this weekend:
SUNDAY 3:30 - 5pm at the Del Mar Popup Culture Fair
L'Auberge Ampitheater