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First impressions - dress out respect for yourself and your clients.

September 3, 2014
Keep in mind that it is impossible to UNSEE something that is disturbing online or on the television.
Choose carefully - what you view and what you post.

Our hearts go out to the families of the journalist who have met untimely, violent deaths. Angie talked about forgiveness is NOT forgetting, or condoning. We were talking about betrayal, murder, cheating. Not our typical upbeat conversation, but deep and thoughtful. 

How do you feel when you get calls in the middle of the night? Anxiety levels are WAY up.
If my family - my house family - is all in the house, I turn off the ringers. My siblings and I have an agreement, if there is a death - they will still be gone in the morning - get a good night's sleep and we will connect in the morning. Every family does it differently. Most of the time, if I had it on - it was a wrong number or even the dreaded spam sales call - 3 am? Will I want to talk to you - uh NO!

We recapped a conversation about underwear from last week: Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret. We all want to feel good under it all - need it fitting properly to have a comfy day. Don't forget the Gap - but remove the TAGS.
Personally, I prefer the new style of printed tag info without an actual tag. You can cut a tag off, but you still have the edge, or you an snip a hole in the garment or you don't' get the full thing out and now it's sharper than ever! I'd rather spend a couple of more bucks and get something comfy right away rather than having to make modifications.

Past 20 years - business and evening attire is more casual. This speaks volumes as to your level of professionalism
Agents that show up with shorts and flip flops with a client. Makes the client seem like an afterthought.

Wes talked about a test that was conducted on the street:
one man dressed casually, then he changed into business casual and then into a suit. When he crossed the street no one followed him until he was in the suit.  VERY telling - he commanded respect and attention - he was someone to listen to and follow - he looked like a leader.

First impressions. You are showing how much you care about yourself and your clients. As a teen, I remember that the school staff loved dressy dances because kids acted differently when they were dressed nicely rather than costume events, or pajama party themed parties and dances. We usually carry through attitudes that match our attire. It will definitely give that impression whether it is true or not. Know that the first thing we are judged on is our appearance - they see us before they hear us.  When you talk on the phone before meeting someone - SMILE - they can hear you smile - really!

Hat tip to Susan Finch (me) and my show on headshots with Yvonne Heimann.  I talked about Bryan, Wes and Drew as GREAT examples of a professional image online and in person. When you deal with them, you know you have a committed, professional who respects you showing up!

We talked about the importance of Escrow & Title.
California Preferred Escrow - Tim Garland & Mika the escrow officer. THIS is our preferred company. If you are using a different agent (not sure why you would NOT use Bryan...) make sure to ask for California Preferred Escrow to be your escrow company in the transaction. Your agent should respect your request. BRYAN GARRITY would!

The escrow function - the intermediary - is to help everyone understand - don't go for the unknown, CHOOSE your escrow company carefully. Insist on the best.