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Give a little bit through 6 Degrees and Buy some GREAT Investor books.

September 25, 2014
What was the genesis of 6°?
"Accidental business - more me transitioning careers from sports marketing to financial planning.
Not finding much value with the networking groups I was trying."
He has always connected people via email and has gained a great reputation putting people together who mutually benefit and match values. The byproduct, he admits selfishly, was to get more clients for his financial planning business. The group evolved naturally and took on a life of its own.
  • Founded 2007 with their first event.
  • Started with monthly mixers.
  • 600 local paying members.
  • 60,000 attendees to their events:
  • Events include: mixers, panels, CEO round tables, breakfasts. A lot of different options - not just mixers, but educational.

People are flawed in their thought process if you ONLY use online networking. It's a component, a conduit.

Like-minded professionals: Be out there - network of others to connect with and know a face to a name.

The intent is to make 6° a national organization with chapters.
Check out - launched in beta to allow greater intelligence for meeting registration.


6° 7th Anniversary Celebration info:
SILO in Makers Quarter 
753 15th Street, San Diego, CA 92101 (US).

  • Casino night games from Black Tie Casino Events
  • Dueling pianos from Funky Monkey
  • All proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Diego
  • 6° has already granted 5 wishes to local wish kids.
  • There have been over 200 wishes granted in San Diego last year!
  • This is their big celebration each year - big event - business community in San Diego. If you miss this year, you can contact them to be a sponsor for next year!
  • 600 registered already, 12 restaurants are involved in providing food,
  • There are over 20 corprorate sponsors.

"Networking is about farming: It's about building relationships and planting seeds."

If you take a tip from BNI or similar and you meet people who only want to network once in a while, it's like a one-night-stand. They're there to get what they can during that one time. Not really building a relationship.  It's similar to dating.
It's not about YOU - how are you able to benefit their lives?
LINKS FOR 6° and Matt Greene:
6° Anniversary party - if you miss it this year - you can help sponsor NEXT YEAR.
There is plenty of business for everyone - need to find alternatives when one person isn't a fit for Bryan - who can he confidently recommend as an alternative? That's why he connects with someone like Michael Wolf.

Time for author and Realtor, Michael Wolf.
He wrote his first book in 2010. Bryan asked what motivated him to do it, he told us, "There was nothing out that was current or not demeaning, '... for dummies...' The investor book is more for the individual who has invested in real estate.
it's for someone who wants investment real estate and doesn't know where to start.
It identifies what kind of investor you want to be: strip mall or condo?
And it gives you guidance regarding buy and hold, vs. buy and flip, this book covers these options and explanations."
If you don't own your primary residence, buy his first book. The first book gives a person a sense - the mom and pop type of investor - of understanding. His guide gives you the steps from the beginning - again, respectfully, but easy to understand.
The most important part of this book, "What kind investor you are. This is the only way to get to the core strategy that would be best for you."