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Immigration Myths Busted and Group Rant

October 16, 2014
In the studio with Bryan today: Angie, Drew, Luis Lopez from the Law Office of Kevin Tracy. He's a Paralegal and Interpreter.

Luis told us that with regards to gay marriages, they have had 20 cases so far come in with Visas, met their partner here and took advantage of new law.

How scary for some coming from Guatemala , Honduras that are very against gays. Their risk is bigger. If they get caught and deported, some countries will actually kill you for being gay.They can ask for asylum out of fear due to their living situation.

The studio is on the Pope Francis bandwagon. WE LOVE HIM.The new Pope - his view of tolerance of love of all.
We are all about welcoming people into the church. so says the Archbishop of NY. Progressive action is happening.

Our team doesn't believe in the "lock the borders" point of view. What do you think their reason is for coming here?
Do you not get a lot of it is about FEAR. If you had kids in a country with violence all around you and there was chance to escape to safety - wouldn't YOU take that for your kids?

Yes, you need to do it right - meet with a team like Luis and those at the Law Office of Kevin Tracy. Have a sit down/free consult. They usually have interpreters, they have a attorney/client confidentiality agreement to protect you. They won't notify immigration. Spell out your situation and Luis and his team will be honest and help you on your path. They'll also be honest and tell you if you have some things to clear up first.

Call Luis at 858-805-6786. They serve ALL of San Diego county and outlying areas.

If you mention Big Daddy Radio, they'll set up a free consultation for you. They are looking out for the best interest of the client. They don't want you hurt or your families. They want to help you do it right and start your better life.

If someone is here, and they marry someone from Holland, do they get automatic citizenship. This is a common myth.
Married to US citizen - they can go ahead and start the immigration process. BUT have to check their history, how many times in and out of the country, are there problems with their visa, or will they have to do processing where they fill out the paperwork here but have to go back to their country of origin to complete it.

People are confused with that belief like the movie Green Card.
It's not automatic. Look at the Governor of Oregon's girlfriend. She married someone when she was 18 just to get him a greencard - she was paid for this, too. There is no free pass. You need to know the laws. There are several types of visas.

If you have a legal document, you marry here to a US citizen, that's the perfect scenario.It takes about 6 months.
Say you met on vacation - longer process - 1-2 years. Depends where you met, background checks and the rest. Luis loves these stories and loves helping.

Bryan reminds us: This country was built on welcoming people.

< h3>30:00 GROUP RANT: Violence against women.

WHY do you men think this is any type of OK? You weak, puny minded, insecure person. Picking on someone who can defend themselves? It's about bullying and power. You weak, pathetic human if you do this. NOTHING warrants violence against another human being. You cannot justify it hiding behind religion and local, archaic laws and your neighborhood social norms. How would you feel if someone beat your grandma? Your daughter? So your wife or girlfriend is the same? And if you think this is OK in any way, you are a sick, sick human!

Women/victims - Past behavior like this will NOT get better. Same with cheaters - why are you shocked if they do the same to you? Why would you tempt the odds? Have more self-respect. You can't fix these sick people no matter how good you are in bed, no matter how much money you lend them - they are sick manipulating abusers. RUN! If your friend or relative is considering this type of physically or mentally abusive partner - HELP THEM RUN!

OK, here's the other side, you've tried to help that person over and over and over. They are also sick if they are drawn to this type of person. As the caring friend, how do you forgive a person who is stupid or gullible or that keep going back?
Wow! There's a question.


But, let's talk about cattiness and those who delivered unsolicited advice on a regular basis - HEY! How insensitive and who are you to think we have been sitting around waiting for your cruel, unthinking, insensitive opinion.

Sometimes you just have to say, "PEESE SHUT MOUF, WOOMUN!"

What is your motivation for that comment? Is it to look better, feel better about you or, because you REALLY care?