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Jada Pinkett Smith pushes for an Oscars boycott; Whoopi weighs in, and Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump

January 22, 2016

Quite the controversy has ensued after Jada Pinkett Smith called for people to boycott the Oscars this year due to the lack of diversity in nominees. The lack of diversity has been called into question various times in the past, but this year it seems to have come to a boiling point. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite resurfaced from last year directly after Jada's video statement with a surge of social media conversations criticizing the Academy. 

Ultimately, this caused Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs to make a statement vowing to take steps to make changes. In addition, many stars have weighed in on the issue, but none as fiery and emotional as Whoopi Goldberg's, who insists that the problem does not stem from the Academy, but rather a lack of movie parts available for actors who are not white. We'll see what happens at this year's show, but with this much attention a change is bound to happen within the Academy. 

Additionally #OnBigDaddysRadar is Sarah Palin's announcement that she is endorsing Donald Trump. From listening to to past shows, it's clear that we are all not very fond of "The Donald" and even less fond of Sarah Palin, but in any case, we will be keeping a watchful eye to find out how this endorsement affects his campaign.