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January 30: Wounded Warrior Homes with Brian Daly & Patrick Clark

January 30, 2013

Angela Moskovis putting things in perspective. Reflections, gratitude. Everyone has adversity. Gives us an opportunity to crystalize our awareness.

Congratulations to Brian Daly on the birth of his first child!  WOO HOO!

Brian Daly Patrick Clark REIG Asset Management. These guys work with Wounded Warrior Homes SD based foundation geared more to disabled vets as they transition out. Their lives are full of so much sudden change. A lot of soldiers need support then to help them avoid other more destructive directions like substance abuse.

Patrick told us about Steve Roseberry, director of Wounded Warrior Homes - he just told of their first success story: A veteran 2 days away from being flat broke about to move to his car., disabled, had a service dog.  Been there three months - job, back on his feet and independent again.