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July 17: Hilarity with the usual suspects and Real Estate discussion

July 23, 2013

Last week it was Angie, Bryan, Pat and Wes.  What started out as a real estate update show ended up being a pretty hilarious coffee clutch. Too many topics to cover – quick and upbeat – don’t miss it!

Patrick Clark of RGI Asset Management - housing market discussion. Bryan says he can talk to you about your house to come up with the price to get you to your goal - either a fast sale or top dollar - and sometimes both!  Brian Daly and Patrick Clark have founded their company on principal, rather than greed. Yes, we all want to make money, but it can be done ethically, fairly and with compassion.

Housing Bubble: Bryan referenced on this topic. Bryan and Patrick agree that we are heading to a bubble that could level out or even implode a bit. Interest rates are following the same sticker shock that gas prices do: raise them up and then back them down a bit so people feel that it's better - false comfort. Then insure 90% of the loans - Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Would be much better if more private money were a part of these loans rather than putting so much in the Federal Government to keep the Real Estate Market going.  Keeping Current Matters states that 40% of buyers are getting better rate than renting. There are plenty of traditional buyers out there - don't panic.

If you need help with short sale, call Bryan now - before the Feds change their generosity.

Bryan talked about being the fat guy on the plane. He would fly first class or not at all. He knows how people were hoping, "Please pass, pass, pass, don't let the fat guy sit by me in the middle and ooze into my seat!" He feels the same about kids - there's always that potential of the ears popping causing a shrill alarm at takeoff and landing. He calls himself out and we were laughing pretty hard - if we were honest!

Preview to next week's show: What is the right age to get a test for your prostate? How about that colon? We'll be talking to expert and his patient survivor next week.  Read more, then tune in!