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July 24: Dr. Cameron Wilson with Prostate Cancer Survivor, Tim Garlin

July 24, 2013

Many men think they are too young to get prostate cancer. Think again. Early detection is the key to survival. The age barriers no longer exist as they used to with this. The percentage of men diagnosed has gone up, but part of that is due to early detection and regular screenings. Tim Garlin is a young man, he has survived, but you should hear his story. You will be able to relate.

Dr. Cameron Wilson is Tim’s doctor. He’ll be on to answer questions, give advice and debunk myths about prostate cancer.

About Dr. Cameron Wilson:

We have his clinical biography, which is impressive, but we wanted to know more. I’m sure Bryan will be talking about the car racing during the show, and Dr. Wilson’s passion for men’s health.

“I am married (since 07/2005) with 2 young children. I met my wife in college here in San Diego. I chose medicine as a career after volunteering at UCSD medical center. (My) interests include mostly spending time with my family but also a little car racing, gardening and enjoying my wife’s cooking!”