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July 3: Personal Branding and Photography Scams with Laurens Antoine

July 3, 2013

Bryan and Laurens will be discussing the importance of a professional headshot to brand yourself. Laurens also wants people to beware of photographer’s scams. Tune in – you’ll learn a lot from this in-demand, celebrity photographer. What does our gorgeous brunette say to you? Competent, self-starter, innovator? Perhaps. Are you sure?

About Laurens.

Laurens Antoine is a celebrity and fashion photographer that lives in San Diego, California.

Laurens’ career began in fashion when he founded a number of brands dating back to 1984. In his early years in the fashion industry Laurens started shooting out of passion and need. His marketing always required high end art, so he started to shoot many of the campaigns himself.

In 2003 Laurens started shooting for FHM Magazine, then the fastest growing magazine in the United States. Laurens became the director of photography and his duties broadened to encompass casting models, managing events and at times, public relations. One of the biggest PR coups, Megan Fox being named the Sexiest Woman in the World in 1997 was managed by Laurens who partnered with old friends at B|W|R Public Relations and resulted in 393 views of a behind the scenes video produced by Laurens in less than a week.In 2012 Laurens opened a studio in downtown San Diego to cater to creative agencies and corporations in his home town.

From Laurens Antoine’s Site:

Sadly, many photographers don’t view headshot clients as repeat customers. Aside from the potential of poor quality images, they can employ of number of marketing tactics that are misleading. We hope this helps you avoid problems and helps you find a photographer that delivers you images and an experience you’ll be ecstatic about.

Beware of low-ball advertised prices, especially in Google ads

You’ve seen them: Google and other ads for headshots with low prices right in the headline. Make sure you are getting everything you expect. They’re not loss leaders, they’re usually incomplete services.

Watch for additional fees for proofs, retouching, license, delivery, image size, processing time and a host of other things you may not have considered.