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Kelly Osborne accused of racist comment, Celebrity divorce: Ben and Jen, Gwen and Gavin

August 7, 2015

As usual, this week we had so much to talk about in the world of pop culture. First up: Kelly Osborne and her remarks on The View addressing Donald Trump and his controversial comments about Latinos. Many say it reveals her true racist feelings, while others think it was a comment gone awry when trying to prove her point. Whatever she was trying to convey, it didn't go over very well with the general public and the other hosts on The View. 

We also addressed all the recent announcements of celebrity couples divorcing in the past few weeks. Quite a few couples that we thought would never separate are calling it quits, which makes us sad, and also begs the question: As a celebrity, is it harder to sustain a healthy relationship or is it just a reflection of how prominent divorce is in our society overall?