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Leah Remini’s new memoir on Scientology, oversharing on social media, and veganism and beer

November 6, 2015

Leah Remini just released a new memoir chronicling her 30 years as part of the "Church" of Scientology. It's a very honest and direct account of her experiences that is shedding new light on what on the religious group that is notorious for having so many high-profile celebrity members. Needless to say, it should make a very interesting read. 

As for an additional topic on the radar this week, there was a recent article posted about Facebook and how it is becoming more and more difficult to accuse people of oversharing. The survey which asked tens of thousands of people found that only 34 percent had updated their status recently, which is a big drop from 50 percent last year. This is definitely pointing to a shift into how we are using the social media platform. 
Lastly, Guinness just announced that after 256 years will stop a process of filtering their beer through fish guts, which by no means even a marginal amount of people knew about anyway, but is a big win for the vegan community, especially those who love a good pint.