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Matt Capron to talk about rental property management.

February 21, 2014
Matt Capron, CEO/Broker Vertical Horizon, he's also a JD with that law background like Bryan.
Are you looking for someone to manage your property? Are you unhappy with your current manager? Call Matt: 

Matt vets the process for finding tenants for residential properties.
He hates vacancy time. Don't delay - if you want a tenant July 1, don't wait until June 20.
Need the extra time to find a quality tenant. Think about one month vacancy vs. how much a property management firm costs. 

Bryan asked Drew, "When you are looking - would you be wary about renting from individual."

Drew, "Think about it tenants, if you go through private party, what if that property owner gets upside down, you could be out on the streets, too. You want to make sure you have reputable people at both ends of the relationship."

You don't need a professional when everything goes smoothly.  But will it always go smoothly? Once it goes askew - hard to recover without the help of a professional. Best to have them in the mix from the beginning.

He's different and allows applicants to pull their own credit score to save another ping on their score. Technically you can go to to get your one free from each agency for the year. No application fee.

Be wary of credit repair companies. Most are not. Looking for one that RPM endorses... on the hunt.

Find someone diligent - not the nitpickers, the logical folks with experience in this field that can help protect you, get you great tenants and help you not worry about the small stuff.