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May 15: Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul on the stigma of weight

May 16, 2013

guest-sunil-bhoyrul.jpgBryan's guest was his surgeon, Sunil Bhoyrul, MD, FACS. Bryan told me, "We discussed weight, the stigma attached to weight, the stigma attached to weight loss surgery, and the list goes on. " The phones were ringing, the fingers were flying with texts during the show. This is one worth hearing more than once.

Meet Dr. Bhoyrul:

I am a Fellowship trained Board Certified General Surgeon in Private Practice.  My sub-specialties are Advanced Laparoscopic  and  Bariatric Surgery.  After 7 years in a multi-specialty group, during which I was head of General Surgery,  I started  my own practice to focus on providing comprehensive care in a highly personalized environment while adhering to the principles of evidence-based, cost-effective medicine.  I also maintain a strong academic interests with a full-time research lab, and ongoing teaching commitments.  I have a charitable foundation