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May 29: Ember Deflector Inventor James Kazmarek

May 29, 2013

From the Inventor of the Ember Deflector System, James Kazmarek.

After moving to southern California almost twenty years ago, I became personally aware of, and extremely concerned about, wildfires. Wildfires are as destructive as tornadoes and hurricanes. Each year, one million acres of land is burned in the continental United States. In 2007, almost two hundred thousand acres burned in southern California alone. Over five hundred thousand people were displaced from their homes, fifteen hundred buildings were burned, and many people were injured, some died.

Damage from a wildfire can be significant! With the Ember Deflector System Wildfires have finally met their match!

Wildfire have a devastating impact on human and animal communities. I investigated why many so homes, especially ones with fire resistant stucco exteriors and cement tile roofs, burned. Embers get carried along with, or blown miles ahead of, a wildfire and catch homes on fire before the actual flames.

Don’t Let This Happen to Your Home!

My background in construction and engineering helped me understand that eave, soffit, gable end, gable roof and foundation vents make homes vulnerable to embers.