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No excuses, Binky Patrol makes is SO easy to volunteer for kids.

October 9, 2014
Angie, Drew and our guest - ME! Susan Finch was on the show. Susan Finch Solutions

Art is so important to kids. So many schools have lost their budgets so kids no longer have the opportunity to learn about artists or history through art, express their creativity through thinking outside the box - creative solutions.
Susan Finch needs your help to secure a grant from Chase to put together 12 art lessons about a specific artist, project.

The lessons will include virtual field trips, interviews with artists, cooking shows where they fit and a bit history wrapped inside of an art project they can make with easy-to-find materials from any craft or hardware store - or even the recycle bin.  The grant will cover the film and production costs to get these online and available to children around the world, even with limited internet access.

The other part of the grant is for Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids. This is a 501c3 all volunteer organization started in 1996. The mission is to make and give blankets to children and teens in need of comfort. The grant money will support the chapters as they try to get more volunteers to make more blankets to give to more children who feel they are invisible, forgotten, are ill, abused or homeless! is where you vote. Have to be logged in with Facebook. After you vote, you can delete the grant access.

Angie and Bryan talked about Ember Deflectors and how important devices like this are, especially in light of all of the fires happening in California and around the country with the drought conditions.

Bryan talked about volunteering and donating. Sometimes people don't donate anything because they feel they can't donate enough to make a difference. Think about this. $3 is enough to make a blanket to comfort a child or teen in need. That blanket will not only comfort the child, but allow a volunteer to make a difference and for that child's family to see that someone cares about their child, as well. $3 - TRULY, it's easy to make a difference. Don't overthink it.

Binky Patrol allows you to volunteer on your time schedule, when it fits, from your home. It doesn't have to be hard. CHOOSE to make a difference. That's what sparked her to start this organization in 1996. 

ANYONE can make a blanket. If it's soft, from the heart and washable, it's perfect.

She said YES to Oprah when they wanted to mention Binky Patrol on her show about children with AIDS on AIDS Awareness Day. They went national the day the show aired as over 800 phone calls came in the first two days. They couldn't keep up with the voicemail.

And what about Orpah? Do we think she's happy with her network? Seems like perhaps she was forced into doing SOMETHING else big. We think she may have other interests she wants to pursue, perhaps quieter interests. Hats off to her.

October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
How about the other cancers? It's important to fight them all. 
LUNG cancer is the number one cancer killer by a long shot. Lungs aren't as pretty as breasts, so perhaps we don't hear from them as much. Perhaps because people think about lung cancer as self-inflicted due to smoking. More judgement.

What about all of the labels. Surely the villagers in Cro Magnon times relied on the alertness of the ADD people to keep them safe while the OCD people were counting beans!

I'm not weak because of my (name the acronym disorder), I'm AWESOME because of it!
Spin it how you want, find the positive in exactly the lot you were dealt.

We treat our animals with more dignity than our loved ones - referring to humans. WHY is that?

If you have an issue with the drought and the ice-bucket challenges.. do it over grass!

On the ice-bucket challenges and wasting water:
Do it in a tub, get naked and then get clean! Such a non-issue.

If a charity is to run properly and grow and gain large sponsors, you have to decide to pay an executive staff. All volunteer organizations are limited to grow based on the hours their volunteers can give to run it. 

Bryan talked about an important email he received from a listener who moved here from Arkansas and is in the military. He had misconceptions typical of many folks about gay people. 

"I was surprised there was a homosexual on ESPN. I hadn't ever been around gay people until I moved to San Diego." He had viewed them as second class citizens. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are just people, professionals, intelligent and has shed his stereotypes. "Now your show is my favorite show on ESPN!" His wife listens at the office, he listens in North Island.

Bryan admits it was a big deal to call Wes his husband. Has to do with the time and place we were raised. Spouse he was used to. How's that for honesty?

Susan's known Bryan for over 35 years, and has known Wes for years, it still throws her to talk about Bryan's marital status. OLD SCHOOL and hard-wired.
They've been married since 2008.  Bryan says he's150% committed, but at the end of the day, it is his spouse - he still uses the term partner but is working on it. Silly man. He's even aghast when he hears Wes say, "My husband is on the phone..." "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!" Too funny. 

Susan & Bryan cheer the Pope. Kind of an accepting guy - he rocks the house!

ANGIE told us about a BIG DEAL EVENT:
San Diego Rescue Mission Sleepless America San Diego to support the homeless in San Diego. Over 8500 homeless on the streets of San Diego.
Check it out and participate!
If you miss this weekend, you can help ANY DAY. There are always homeless people in need. Vets, families, children - open your heart - don't make it too hard - just do SOMETHING to help them. Even the Kardashians are trying to set an example.

In the Pacific Northwest - over 135,000 children and teens are served by Northwest Children's Outreach.