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October 23: Marci Bair Talks About Affordable Health Care Evaluations

October 24, 2013

Joining the show was Financial Planner Extraordinaire Marci Bair who holds the highest license designation for Financial Planners. She is also very verse in matters pertaining to health insurance and is one of a handful of agents who have undertaken the arduous task of being certified to offer the Affordable Health Care (also commonly and erroneously referred to as Obamacare). Marci explained to our listeners about the facets of this new government program and the fact that it is still a work in progress.

The week ending October 19th (literally a one week period) showed that the website for Affordable Health Care had 500,000 unique visitors as well as 45,000 calls to the service center.

This is an excellent gauge of how many people are in need of assistance with skyrocketing health care and how many people don’t actually have health care. We have seen so many people who have come to us to list their house on a short sale or traditional basis if there is equity simply because they cannot afford the house due to some disastrous medical condition.

A visit to the emergency room alone can set someone back $3,000.00 and therefore, it is now more important than ever that folks have health insurance.

Marci is one of a few certified agents that can actually write and evaluate within this exchange. You can contact Marci by sending an email through our website or contact her directly at

The application alone is 27 pages and so it is not a task for the faint of heart. It is long and inclusive of information that may be confusing to people as well as employers who may be looking to get tax credits for offering insurance to their employees. Let’s just say it is a complex maze that requires an expert and Marci is that gal!!