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October 9: Why should we be paying for your LAZINESS? You are sucking us all dry.

October 9, 2013

We had a guest author scheduled, Alan Sheehan. He decided not to join us. Wonder if Bryan’s strong feelings about the abuse of the existing disability and state-funding systems could have had something to do with it? He was going to try to convince us that everyone should be guaranteed an income – REALLY? Don’t we have enough people abusing the system and draining the government – meaning WE THE TAXPAYERS?!

Angie was out sick.  So, the show was Wes Shaw of RMP Mortgage and Bryan. They discussed the fact that social security disability is being depleted and how people are seeking this as a source of income because their unemployment is running out as well as Real Estate and lending issues. They really covered the fact that people need to be working with an agent who understands the in’s and out’s of getting a house sold, understands the seller’s unique needs and how much you have to be on top of it in order to qualify for financing, especially in this market. If you are in need of what is considered a jumbo loan (anything over $546,250 conventional basis and $697,500 FHA). It was not a session where Bryan was tearing into the people who deserve the social security disability; but those who abuse that the system thinking that the rest of us should subsidize their laziness. The fact is our own government cannot even rectify its budget so what are we going to do as people continue to age and these programs run out of money etc..for those who REALLY need it?