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Old school networking, home Insurance should not be an afterthought.

August 27, 2014
Tune in today as we have special guest Christopher Grant Contreras who talked about all things insurance. Trust me, it will be lively and it's important both from a personal and commercial perspective. 

Had to giggle at his post prior to the show - let's talk about comfort zones.

"Tomorrow I will be on the radio. See the post below for info. I am doing this as I had decided that I really wanted to do things I haven't done before and also things that I may be afraid to do. You wanna hear me, tune in or go to the website. Wish me luck!"

Chris Contreras Insurance Agency. You'll notice a bunch of 5 star ratings.Check out his reviews to know he is your insurance resource in San Diego County. 

What sorts of things do you do to enrich your social life other than volunteering?

Socially I try to make many social events and plan on being at more and more as my social network continues to grow. The most important thing for me in the connections that I do have is that I try to encourage everyone in all aspects of their lives.

I love to motivate people and give positive reinforcement. I love to help and educate people which is why I think being an insurance advisor has worked out for me. It also helps that I have been in the insurance industry since I was 17 years old. His mom gave him his first job. He got his license at 19. She's still in insurance. He handled payroll, customer service and sales.

Tune in for a GREAT story about outselling the top sales person when he was a customer service rep only. Not good when it's the owner's son.... oops.

Contact Christopher to learn more about California fair plan and wrap around policies.
  • Get insurance quotes before putting an offer on a home.
  • Could be a HUGE difference based on location
  • Get this done EARLY - just as important as checking rates and taxes.
  • Perhaps it cannot be insured - need to know ahead of time.