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Protein Hangovers? Shut up, really?

January 29, 2014

Nutritionist, Mary White was in the studio as she has been working with Bryan to get through his fears of gaining all the weight back, making new decisions.

She has found a protein solution for Bryan.
He has a hard time absorbing - so Mary White found him a great drink with a Sunkist flavor that is palatable and is absorbed by your system without the protein hangover.

Bryan has a lot of fear - fear of wanting to eat too much. Maladaptive eating is the diagnosis - good grief - one more thing on Bryan's list.

Sometimes when people finally lose a lot of weight, they can grow an unhealthy fear of gaining it back to the point of not wanting to eat out of fear of gaining it back.

Angie has had to do a 180 in their home for nutrition due to her son's dietary needs. They have all done a lot of research and are excited to come up with healthy plans. It doesn't have to taste like sawdust - SEASONING doesn't mean salt and butter - healthy oils, fresh herbs, lemon grass - there are so many exciting ways to create interesting meals that are so good for you.

Covered pop ladies who have been getting some training help:
Brittany (of course), Shakira, Madonna and the Grammys.