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September 18: Housing Market - BUY NOW, Pop Culture

September 27, 2013
Bryan & Angie, Linday "Chilly" Chilson of 5 Star Escrow, our Title Sponsor and REIG's all star - Patrick Clark

Good time to sell your house with all of the changes with the feds. Call BRYAN - he'll do a comparative analysis - a REAL one so you will understand it's a good time to sell.
1% can mean $100,000.

A lot of asset managers are being let go. It was a sellers market in summer. Now it's switching, typical of this time of year. 4% take advantage now.  Buyers' market!  Less competition for you now. Take another shot. There is a little bit more inventory.

Get pre-approved for mortgage - it saves everyone time and gives you a clearer picture of what you can afford. No need to look at properties that are way out of your range. It wastes everyone's time. Don't expect agents to take you on a tour for the day without knowing what you can afford. It's just RUDE! Your time, their time, their gas - it's valuable.  Remember that debt ratio doesn't take into account childcare, etc. Factor it in. Get a realistic picture of what you can afford. Otherwise, you'll never enjoy your home you eeked into because you are stressing about the money each month to make your nut. 

619-399-3300 - Call Bryan, he'll connect you with Wes or Patrick. They'll give you a reality check to set your mind at ease after your purchase. 

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