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Think before you marry too young, ladies you could be paying FOREVER!

April 24, 2014

Today was a throwback Wednesday as we had Debbie Gast Montenegro joining us along with Sandy Lyons Rasque and Angela. Bryan has known Debbie and Sandy going back to elementary school.

Debbie talked about the pitfalls of getting married young and what can happen after the children are raised and divorce happens. Debbie is now stuck forking over $2k a month to an able bodied ex-husband who has a good job of his own yet the fruits of her labor by getting an advanced degree and amazing job at Boeing has cost her having to support the “community” (when it comes to family law is the reference) and will be paying her ex-husband spousal support until he remarries or dies.

This was a very lively topic of conversation and a great show.

Chime in the comments with your horror stories - without mentioning names, please!