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Tribute to Robin Williams, talk on depression and

August 14, 2014
The gramMARCH challenge is the brainchild of middle school teacher Heather Shotke, who has seen these abbreviated forms of language migrate from the screens of smartphones to the pages of her students' work product. She is shocked at the type of writing that comes across her desk – even in formal essay assignments.

Angie talked about clinical depression - it takes a profound level of empathy - it's a tidal wave that comes over you. Unless you've gone through it, you can't understand the depth and mire of it. Cause can be biochemical, trauma, substance induced...
Heather asked Angie what some of the signs to watch could be.

With adolescents, the conversation is more morbid, hopeless. But people or adults listening, often people minimize the signs out of fear.

There's a shift in all ages, but particularly with adults from deep sadness to this eerie calm.
When you reconcile that in your heart that suicide is the only option, getting their affairs in order, giving away sentimental items, changing wills.

Selfish element to it. But to recognize that requires something they don't have at that moment. We look at it that way, but the despair is that profound at that moment - they cannot see it.  We're talking about sublimation - like Picasso - they turn it into a talent. Many say "don't cure me!" because they are fearful that the fix would ruin the art form.