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What do the rates REALLY mean?

October 3, 2019


Welcome to another episode of Big Daddy Live. Today's guests are Morgan McGuire from Keller Williams Premiere, Ricky Silber from Compass, and Wes Shaw from Movement Mortgage. Boy did this show take some tangents.

Some of the questions answered include Is it really a better deal to wait, to try and grab a lower price? And the topic of true rates vs. advertised rates was explained by Ricky Silber, "They're only looking at APRs and the biggest problem with that is lenders are not all advertising APRs the same." They covered rate dependency, somehow Monica Lewinsky came up and those related oval office antics, In-n-Out - not related, but on to the topic of best burgers and how to order them.

OK, quote of the week you are looking for to be eligible to win the $25 Amazon Gift card is:

"Is there really something telling in the date that says that we're headed towards a recession because I have a feeling that a lot of that pressure from the Fed was more interested in propping up equity markets than it was in propping up the economy."

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