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What does Escrow do and am I too broke to do financial planning?

September 30, 2019


You will learn a ton, even if you are already in the real estate industry. But, if you have ever bought, sold or are getting ready to buy or sell a home - this is the show for you. Also, Financial Planner, Marci Bair tells some heartwarming stories and gives great advice. Please welcome our expert pannel: Maddison Levin, brook Kane-Wootten from Foundation Escrow and Marci Bair, Bair Financial Planning.

The quote of the week that you'll have to listen for is "There are some escrow hags.". When you hear it, mark the time it is at and tell us on our FB page in the comments. We will pick the first winner here and on Facebook to find the timestamp of the quote. A different winner for each. The times are different, too.