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Real Estate and Mortgage Tips, Social Media and Mix of Pop Culture

This week, in addition to covering a few hot topics in the news, we dove into a few important issues regarding real estate, including what to look for when vetting an agent. We also touched on important regulations changing when it comes to mortgages, and finally how to make your overall home buying or selling experience as painless as possible.

Finally we talked a bit about social media and cleared up some misconceptions about hashtags and how important they are in helping your posts become more discoverable, as long as you don't use them incorrectly. 

Dr. Christin Ernst from Physiotheraphy Associates talks benefits and misconceptions of physical therapy

Dr. Christin Ernst from Physiotherapy Associates joined us in the studio this week to chat about physical therapy, the misconceptions out there, as well as the major benefits it can provide to not only heal injuries, but also prevent future injuries, and even in in some cases, having surgery. 

As many of you know, our very own host, Bryan Garrity had major back surgery at the end of last year and is still in the process of healing. Without the amazing care, kindness, knowledge and skill of Dr. Christin Ernst and the others at Physiotherapy Associates, he would not be recovering anywhere close to as well as he is today. 

Special Guest: The Fitness Stalker - Raquel Cordero Perry, Reactions about the Caitlyn Jenner reveal and more

We had the pleasure this week of welcoming back onto the show one of the best and most devoted fitness experts we know, Raquel Cordero Perry, AKA The Fitness Stalker. We discussed a variety of topics related to health and fitness, including self-sabotage, as well as body image and how it is affected by the media and society. 

We also got reactions from all of the panelists about Caitlyn Jenner revealing herself for the first time on Monday in a stunning Vanity Fair photo spread. It's not far off to say that close to everyone around the world who has seen it, was shocked at how beautiful she looks. 
While there are many mixed feelings and opinions about Caitlyn, it seems the world has been more positive, encouraging and supportive. What Caitlyn has done by making this transition so public may not be clear or understood by everyone, but it is very a big step in the right direction to help society understand and treat transgender people with respect and love; just as any human being deserves. 

Marriage Equality in Ireland and reactions from the Catholic Church, Johnny Depp in trouble in Australia and more

This week, we were down to three, as panelist Amanda Silber was feeling a bit under the weather. We hope she feels better soon, especially in time for next week's show. 

We still covered quite a lot of ground, discussing the Irish referendum and Ireland being the first country in the world to pass a law in favor marriage equality by popular vote. Serious history being made there folks.
We can't have a show without a little pop culture gossip, and this time we kicked it off with Johnny Depp smuggling Pistol and Boo, his two Yorkshire terriers, into Australia where he is filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. No surprise that it didn't go over very well with the Australian government. The minister of of Agriculture actually threatened to kill the dogs if they were not removed from the country within a certain timeframe, and now Depp could be facing up to 10 years in the slammer for not complying with Australia's animal quarantine regulations. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians “About Bruce” Two-Part Special

Bryan and the panel this week tackled the "About Bruce" two-part special on Keeping Up with The Kardashians that aired last Sunday and Monday. The special really dove into how the family reacted and is still reacting to Bruce Jenner's transition into a transgender woman. 

Everyone on Big Daddy Radio of course has differing opinions about the Kardashian and the show itself, but all agree that Bruce being so candid to the world about his struggle and who he really, as well as having the show as a platform will do a lot of good by helping the transgender community feel more accepted and be better understood by society. 

Panel Discussion: Wendy Williams / NeNe Leakes feud, A recent study about having too much sex and much more

This week, we welcomed panelist Amanda Silber back from her vacation in New Orleans. She had a lot to share about all the fun she had, and especially all the fantastic food she was able to eat.  

We also tackled some recent events and incidents buzzing in the news, gossip columns and social media, including the recent incident with NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams at a women's empowerment event in Atlanta. We also touched on the controversy that occurred on a United flight where a family with an autistic teenager was kicked off. 
Finally, things got a bit more intriguing when the conversation turned to sex, surrounding a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University about whether there is such a thing as too much sex. The panelists all had their own very distinct viewpoints on the subject. 

Luis Lopez from the Law Offices of Kevin M. Tracy talks Immigration

This week, Luis Lopez from the Law Offices of Kevin M. Tracy rejoined us to discuss the latest in immigration law. The law changes and updates very frequently, so it's important to know how to handle your unique situation and be aware of all your options and rights. 

Aside from the more serious talk on immigration, Luis joined in with the panel for the latest in pop culture news, current events and reality TV. 
Listen to the full recording here. 

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