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What do the rates REALLY mean?


Welcome to another episode of Big Daddy Live. Today's guests are Morgan McGuire from Keller Williams Premiere, Ricky Silber from Compass, and Wes Shaw from Movement Mortgage. Boy did this show take some tangents.

Some of the questions answered include Is it really a better deal to wait, to try and grab a lower price? And the topic of true rates vs. advertised rates was explained by Ricky Silber, "They're only looking at APRs and the biggest problem with that is lenders are not all advertising APRs the same." They covered rate dependency, somehow Monica Lewinsky came up and those related oval office antics, In-n-Out - not related, but on to the topic of best burgers and how to order them.

OK, quote of the week you are looking for to be eligible to win the $25 Amazon Gift card is:

"Is there really something telling in the date that says that we're headed towards a recession because I have a feeling that a lot of that pressure from the Fed was more interested in propping up equity markets than it was in propping up the economy."

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Don’t put your finger in my donut.

Bryan's guest today is Rachel LaMar of LaMar Real Estate based in Carlsbad, California. We got off to a ranty start about food servers, delivery people and being caught on camera. It progressed to discussions about school safety and the empathy we have for kids today living with fears they should never deal with. We also covered streetlights, lions, late night and early morning calls are rarely good unless a baby is born and so much more! Tune in and catch some of the quotable moments below.

On the disgusting things people do to your food!

Bryan: This is so foul, so the delivery driver delivered it to the house, they had the ring system on and the dude literally, it shows the guy opening their cup, spitting in it, closing it and then handing the food to the consumer and I was like rawr.

Rachel LaMar: What about the girl who just a couple of weeks ago, a young woman who went into the store and ate some of the ice cream. She opened a tub of ice cream and then she ate from it and she videoed herself live on Twitter or Facebook.

Yeah, and well people are so stupid because they're on camera, especially the ones who intentionally film themselves doing something illegal.

Bryan: I don't care how famous you are, how much money you have, I don't care if you use hand sanitizer on those fingers, I don't know where those fingers have been. Do not put them in my donut. Well, you don't know where she had those fingers prior to putting them in the donut.

It was disturbing. Balls deep in salsa. (you'll have to find this story in the replay!!)

Think about your parents before you ... God, I know I'm old when I say that. You think about your parents before you pull the stupid card out. I would never do that to anyone in my family. Look, I've made some especially stupid decisions in my life, really, really, really bad ones, but they weren't filmed and they're not recorded, so like yes, the legacy maybe there or some people's memories of it, but like no - it isn't replayed as a highlight reel.

On School Shooters and our children's safety:

Bryan: Can you imagine being that young, going to school every day and it starts off in that realm like you're going to start off as a kid never feeling safe.

Ryan Alvey (the baby of the bunch): I don't remember metal detectors at schools.

Rachel LaMar: No, no.

Ryan Alvey: I don't remember being scared. I don't remember gun shootings or anything or anyone my age.

Bryan Garrity: No, but that's how childhood should be. And I'm not being some 1950's puritan, but that's how childhood should be. You should be able to go to school and start to find yourself and learn about others and not be worried about is somebody going to come and kill all my friends and my teachers and myself or whatever.

Rachel LaMar: School should be a safe place.

On hunting exotic animals for no reason:

There was a reason that lion was put away in a sanctuary. Look, they're there minding their own business in nature. That is not part of the ecosystem, some dumbass dentist from Michigan rolling into Africa and just killing for sport or killing for bounty. It's like I got a bounty for you dude, let's throw you in the clank for about a year and then see how you like it.

Bryan Garrity: Everybody's like you're animal rights advocates and you don't like guns and you're a snowflake. It's like sh*t if you think that, you don't know me. 

Rachel LaMar: Just last week, there was some children of a famous person, we'll leave it at that, online holding a beautiful, I think it was a cheetah or a leopard and just these huge grins on their faces that they had just killed on safari and yeah.

Ryan Alvey: Can you eat a cheetah? I mean, can you eat a cheetah? Is that even a thing?

Logic to fix our country: 

Bryan: Number one, so the country needs self-care. I really believe that. Am I off base? And look at the people with money and look what happens to them versus the people who have nothing.

That's so crazy.

Rachel LaMar: So, if you are famous and have money, you can usually get away with a lot of things and get a lot of things that others don't have access to, which shouldn't be. That's not fair, but that's the way this country works, unfortunately.

Bryan: ... this comes back around -  it is that disparity about you think about the people that are really struggling, that have nothing, or have families that are going paycheck to paycheck, it's like how do you close that gap and fix it? I don't know the answer.

On changing how we educate our children to they actually retain it and enjoy school:

Rachel LaMar: ...because most schools, public schools, are still taught with the teacher standing up front and lecturing to the kids and blah, blah, blah like the Charlie Brown, blah, blah, blah, go read chapter two and answer the questions at the end of the chapter.

A friend of mine wrote a great book and it's called, New School and it was all about really changing education and really combining self-study with going out into the world and learning that way with all different kinds of learning. Not just sitting in the classroom and reading this book and answering these questions, because kids are inquisitive and I've been to a local private school near me and I went into a classroom and they teach very differently at small round tables with small groups of kids and the teacher throws out a question and you see these light bulbs going off and they start ... and it's more yes, it could be a history class, but they're relating it to today and that's how we need to teach.

Bryan:  That's not always an easy thing to do, hold a room for eight hours. But I think that those models of collaborative learning, what you're talking about, endless circle, people being excited. There's something about that interaction and it not just being all about the teacher. I think it promotes a different kind of an environment for learning or growing.

On children as they talked about her book, Bennie Bear's Dream for Foster Care system and adoptive parents to help kids transition:

Rachel: You don't really think about it and there are so many foster kids, millions of foster kids in the system.

Bryan Garrity: They're lost.

Rachel LaMar: They just need love, they need a forever family.

Rachel LaMar: And so, some people want to adopt a baby and then, other people are worried about the problems they might have to face, because a lot of these kids, some of them have been traumatized, some of them have had ... you just don't know what they've been through and so it really is, it's not just ... it's more than just becoming a parent. You have to be ready to take on things that you might not take on with adopting a baby, so it's a big commitment...

From Lawyer to Realtor:

I was practicing law and then I got pregnant and then I just wasn't happy where I was and it just turned into this thing where I made the decision, but it was great, because I got to raise my kids when they were a little bit older, I had one in Kindergarten and one in preschool. I thought I need to do something, but I didn't want to go back to law at the time, because I wanted to see the first everything.

A lot of people have that story, but it obviously ... real estate's been good to me, so I can't complain.

And people think that they can ... any time the market gets great and all these people jump in thinking, "I'm going to work on the weekends and make all this money" and it's especially now like we talked about, everything, there's no easy transaction.

Ryan Alvey: I was an HGTV junkie, so I was one of those that were like oh you just show three houses and you make all this money, you work weekends. And then, obviously, you come to realize it's full time and there's a lot of work. There's a lot to it that people don't understand. It's not just throwing your sign in the yard.

Rachel LaMar: And just also, because the knowledge that you and I have is we see things from a different perspective, so it really helps our clients. Yeah, but you know, it's always I think until they make the standards to get into this business tougher, it's always going to be one of those things where people are coming in and out and constantly moving.

Bryan Garrity: Yeah, the barrier to entry's too low.


And I think somebody was trying to take me on about the barrier to entry to law versus real estate. It's vastly different worlds. You can't just enroll and do an online course and go take your real estate exam and get a license where you're dealing with people's biggest asset or assets, at the end of the day, you can tragically decimate someone's life. That part I don't understand. So you give it to somebody that's only tethered to a check, to me that's very problematic.

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Panel Discussion: Wendy Williams / NeNe Leakes feud, A recent study about having too much sex and much more

This week, we welcomed panelist Amanda Silber back from her vacation in New Orleans. She had a lot to share about all the fun she had, and especially all the fantastic food she was able to eat.  

We also tackled some recent events and incidents buzzing in the news, gossip columns and social media, including the recent incident with NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams at a women's empowerment event in Atlanta. We also touched on the controversy that occurred on a United flight where a family with an autistic teenager was kicked off. 
Finally, things got a bit more intriguing when the conversation turned to sex, surrounding a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University about whether there is such a thing as too much sex. The panelists all had their own very distinct viewpoints on the subject. 

The Allure of Melissa Magallon and Home Warranties by Dave Miller

So Chef Meli didn't bring any dishes - WTH? Understandably we can't smell it, see it, or taste it through the radio, but, still. OK, Bryan has been there and loves this restaurant, the ambiance - he attended the grand opening. 5 stars only on Yelp! Check out what your friends may say, drive by, stop by, take a whiff - you will stay.

San Diego Culinary Institute requires an internship. She met Ocean Air because of "Top Chef." She was asked to open Searsucker with the owner of Ocean Air - starting at salad station and worked her way up to lead line cook. She paid her dues. She was promoted to sous chef. From there, Herringbone, then on to Searsucker in Scottsdale, AZ. Can you taste this journey?  

Now she has her own restaurant in the Gas Lamp District of Downtown San Diego. So far Allure is dinner only.

Home Warranties are not a thing of the past - Dave Miller is here to tell us about it. Bryan stands behind on Dave's company, Hiscow Home Warranty. They are known for being honorable and their service call cost INCLUDED. That's what the warranty is for. They are QUITE popular for this reason.

Don't make assumptions. Get a copy from the agent as to WHAT is covered and not. People confuse home warranty with homeowner's insurance. You'd be surprised how much is covered by their policies and how much is NOT by their competitors - hint - KEEP COOL!


About our Guests:

Melissa Magallon aka Chef Meli, owner of Allure Restaurant

Melissa, a born and raised San Diego native, went to culinary school at SDCI. She got her first job at Oceanaire in downtown. After a year, she left to open Searsucker. At Searsucker she quickly learned all stations turning her into lead line cook and eventually Sous chef. After Herringbone's opening, Melissa transferred to the new La Jolla restaurant. As soon as there were plans to open Scottsdale Searsucker, the company flew her out to help. Once open, she came back to San Diego and shortly after was sent to work at Burlap. Then it was time to open her very own restaurant with her family. And that is how Allure came to be!

Dave Miller

Dave Miller has been protecting Realtors for nearly 15 years with Home Warranties, E&O Insurance and Natural Hazard Zone Disclosure Reports. Dave is the Area Manager of San Diego and Imperial Counties for CRES/HISCO Home Warranty and has the pleasure of working with over 600 Brokers and Agents on a monthly basis. Dave enjoys giving his Realtors and their clients full access to him at all times with questions on coverage, service and claims.

You can find him here: and

Halpen Red Burger, David Young and Marci Bair on Cover California

March 31 deadline is upon us!
After that deadline, there is a penalty $95/person per year, or 1% of your income.
It goes up to 2%, 2.5% the following year.

Prioritize - get your insurance. Think about the savings.. Marci was able to bring one family's healthcare down from $975 per month to $350. HURRY. If you wait too long, you'll be locked out until the first of next year.

Read the rest of this entry »

Protein Hangovers? Shut up, really?

Nutritionist, Mary White was in the studio as she has been working with Bryan to get through his fears of gaining all the weight back, making new decisions.

She has found a protein solution for Bryan.
He has a hard time absorbing - so Mary White found him a great drink with a Sunkist flavor that is palatable and is absorbed by your system without the protein hangover.

Bryan has a lot of fear - fear of wanting to eat too much. Maladaptive eating is the diagnosis - good grief - one more thing on Bryan's list.

Sometimes when people finally lose a lot of weight, they can grow an unhealthy fear of gaining it back to the point of not wanting to eat out of fear of gaining it back.

Angie has had to do a 180 in their home for nutrition due to her son's dietary needs. They have all done a lot of research and are excited to come up with healthy plans. It doesn't have to taste like sawdust - SEASONING doesn't mean salt and butter - healthy oils, fresh herbs, lemon grass - there are so many exciting ways to create interesting meals that are so good for you.

Covered pop ladies who have been getting some training help:
Brittany (of course), Shakira, Madonna and the Grammys.

September 4: Skin care, foodies and Bryan teeters on going gluten free

Today's show included Mary Wight from Dr. Bhoyrul (she's the dietitian), Suzanne Mulroy (a health and beauty veteran), Angie and her son Nick Kazmarek who is doing a nutrition food blog for teens. I have a photo.

We talked about cosmetics (specifically for your face and the routines that companies want you to follow). We were first dropping the new sales method of change your skin care routine every three months and that truly in most cases the only difference between a man's product and woman's product is the packaging. Obviously, men don't want a cleanser with a pink rose on it. Even if it Bryan uses Lab Series and he loves it.  Yours truly uses a combination of Clinique and Mary Kay with a few toes dipped into MAC. Lots of the companies are coming out with multi-lines so they don't lose you with this change your skin care regime every three months as your face and skin becomes accustomed to what you are using and you lose its effectiveness.

We also talked with Mary a lot about hydration and that you have to fill up the inside to look good on the outside. We talked about eating healthy diet and how it doesn't have to be hard or require signing up for some formulated regime. Eat plain, clean food. 

Angie's son is writing a food blog because he was sensitive to many foods like Bryan, even though Bryan's habits aren't where they should be - YET. We will be talking more about that in the upcoming weeks as well. There is a test you take that tells you everything your body is allergic to.  Bryan's test came back with everything except watermelon! I'm serious. He just can't pull the trigger to go all the way Gluten Free but is trying.

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