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Jada Pinkett Smith pushes for an Oscars boycott; Whoopi weighs in, and Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump

Quite the controversy has ensued after Jada Pinkett Smith called for people to boycott the Oscars this year due to the lack of diversity in nominees. The lack of diversity has been called into question various times in the past, but this year it seems to have come to a boiling point. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite resurfaced from last year directly after Jada's video statement with a surge of social media conversations criticizing the Academy. 

Ultimately, this caused Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs to make a statement vowing to take steps to make changes. In addition, many stars have weighed in on the issue, but none as fiery and emotional as Whoopi Goldberg's, who insists that the problem does not stem from the Academy, but rather a lack of movie parts available for actors who are not white. We'll see what happens at this year's show, but with this much attention a change is bound to happen within the Academy. 

Additionally #OnBigDaddysRadar is Sarah Palin's announcement that she is endorsing Donald Trump. From listening to to past shows, it's clear that we are all not very fond of "The Donald" and even less fond of Sarah Palin, but in any case, we will be keeping a watchful eye to find out how this endorsement affects his campaign. 

Paris and Beirut terrorist attacks, Charlie Sheen announces he has HIV, and Rose McGowan reacts to Caitlyn Jenner

It has been a very sad and tough time in the past few weeks with the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, as well as in Beirut. The fight against ISIS has become that much more urgent for us as the world cried out in protest against these senseless and barbaric attacks on humanity. There also seems to be an even more heightened awareness of how people in the Western world treat and view Muslims. Many have criticized that Westerners have not shown the same kind of respect and attention to terrorist attacks like what happened in Beirut and other locations throughout the Middle East as people do when it terrorism strikes in the West. Is it that we are just so used to seeing terrorist attacks in the Middle East that it's not as impactful, or is it something deeper than that?

Also this week in much less important news, Charlie Sheen appeared on The Today Show to announce that he is HIV-positive. Many are not exactly sure why he decided to publicly announce this to the world, other than the fact that he was being blackmailed by a few seemingly "unsavory" individuals as he put it. Having a high-profile celebrity such as Sheen admit that he has HIV may perhaps change the stigma surrounding the horrible disease, but clearly has nowhere near the same impact as it did when Magic Johnson revealed his HIV-positive status to the world 24 years ago. 
Lastly, as we tend to talk a lot about Caitlyn Jenner on the show, we couldn't help but discuss Rose McGowan's harsh and cutting reaction to Jenner's comments while accepting a Glamor Award for "Woman of the Year." McGowan took her comments down from her social media channels, but that doesn't mean they didn't make an impact as well as let us know what she really thinks. 

Marriage Equality in Ireland and reactions from the Catholic Church, Johnny Depp in trouble in Australia and more

This week, we were down to three, as panelist Amanda Silber was feeling a bit under the weather. We hope she feels better soon, especially in time for next week's show. 

We still covered quite a lot of ground, discussing the Irish referendum and Ireland being the first country in the world to pass a law in favor marriage equality by popular vote. Serious history being made there folks.
We can't have a show without a little pop culture gossip, and this time we kicked it off with Johnny Depp smuggling Pistol and Boo, his two Yorkshire terriers, into Australia where he is filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. No surprise that it didn't go over very well with the Australian government. The minister of of Agriculture actually threatened to kill the dogs if they were not removed from the country within a certain timeframe, and now Depp could be facing up to 10 years in the slammer for not complying with Australia's animal quarantine regulations. 

October 9: Why should we be paying for your LAZINESS? You are sucking us all dry.

We had a guest author scheduled, Alan Sheehan. He decided not to join us. Wonder if Bryan’s strong feelings about the abuse of the existing disability and state-funding systems could have had something to do with it? He was going to try to convince us that everyone should be guaranteed an income – REALLY? Don’t we have enough people abusing the system and draining the government – meaning WE THE TAXPAYERS?!

Angie was out sick.  So, the show was Wes Shaw of RMP Mortgage and Bryan. They discussed the fact that social security disability is being depleted and how people are seeking this as a source of income because their unemployment is running out as well as Real Estate and lending issues. They really covered the fact that people need to be working with an agent who understands the in’s and out’s of getting a house sold, understands the seller’s unique needs and how much you have to be on top of it in order to qualify for financing, especially in this market. If you are in need of what is considered a jumbo loan (anything over $546,250 conventional basis and $697,500 FHA). It was not a session where Bryan was tearing into the people who deserve the social security disability; but those who abuse that the system thinking that the rest of us should subsidize their laziness. The fact is our own government cannot even rectify its budget so what are we going to do as people continue to age and these programs run out of money etc..for those who REALLY need it?

June 19: Will prying bytes really keep us safer?

Today was basically part II from last week.

We discussed a variety of topics from last week's topic of Government intervention, gun control, and media hype and a little pop culture for good measure. Bryan shared some very personal moments about his cousin that was shot 11 times.

Great show.

June 12: Mortgage Rates and Government Eavesdropping

It was a lively conversation with Wes Shaw, Patrick Clark,  and Angela as they chatted it up with Bryan about mortgage rates, the new protocol with  the government eavesdropping and Bryan talking about his experience with pet psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick.

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