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Cover CA is for the Young & Healthies

Marci Bair of Bair Financial Services MetLife joined us in the studio today. Bryan is back from vacation and let me tell you, he's rested and good to go and tell you all about Bora Bora.

The exchange doesn't work because of how restrictive the provider list is. Only good for "young healthies."

Small groups of 50 and under, may make more sense to go to individual based coverage. If you go with Cover California you are VERY limited with your choice of physicians. Very few signed up to be part of it. Insurance companies will work with them if they are in mid-treatment as they are switching to a new carrier.

If someone doesn't qualify for premium subsidy, this will cause a huge problem. 
Under 40K income is helpful for older people on very limited incomes. 

Way more out of pocket and it becomes more catastrophic coverage. A bit frenetic if you visit more than one specialist each year. Choosing new doctors and starting over isn't always an option. There is only an option to change providers during Open Enrollment November 15 - February 15 - that's the only time. Get it done by December and you can get set up by January.

Small company plans increasing significantly. Seek professional advice if this happened to you.
Listen to this show, especially starting after the break at about 12 minutes. There is a TON of information here. You'll want to listen, perhaps more than once, to take notes.

Have to be your own health advocate. We know it takes a lot of time, but you need to stay on top of treatments, 

Next week Heather Shotke of GramMarch will be in the studio panel.

Tamra and Eddie Judge are BACK in the studio!

Talk about going out on a high note! This is one of our last shows on this station and who joins us today? None other than Tamra and Eddie Judge, founders of CUT Fitness of OC and Tamra of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Critobal Perris on fan panel. Bryan and Wes have been going through a move - what a hassle when you stay in one place a long time - you accumulate a lot of CRAP. Drew admitted to enjoying helping them move. As long as it's not HIS stuff.

Show two weeks ago - amazing SRO packed the house.  Angie has moved three times in a very short period of time. Let's talk about purging. Quite an eye opener. I say GO WITH IT when the mood hits you to purge - GET THE DUMPSTER AND GO, GO, GO! You won't miss the piles - you really won't!

Tamra and Eddie are knocking it out of the park at CUT Fitness. This is an older photo of them, didn't want to take the one from USA Today - but let me tell you - va-va-voom! They are both looking healthier and sexier than ever! CUT Fitness OC is great for their clients and them. Safe dieting and nutritional changes is their second priority. They get so excited helping their clients transform their appearance, but more importantly their health. Tamra started working with a nutritionist two years ago. She's the first to say with her education process in this area that it's not about cutting out carbs. It's knowing which carbs are good and all of the effects of what you put in your body. They'll be growing their business to include an in-house nutritionist to advice and guide clients.

They want to offer CUT Fitness around the world, stating in US first. They'll be broadcasting their fitness classes through streaming media. This will launch later this year. Great way to offer their services across the nation.

The group acknowledged what a quality person and shining example of humanity and femininity she is through her honesty, compassion and vulnerability. Bryan cheered her stingers from her Real Housewives scripts this season. She's a real person and they are they sweetest couple.

Oscar Coverage and Mia from Wounded Warrior Homes

This show featured Angela Moskovis, Wesley Shaw of RPM, Adam on the board.
Special guest Mia Roseberry from Wounded Warrior Homes

We covered the Oscar's and John Travolta's pronunciation debacle.
Can I just say, WE LOVE PINK! She's tremendous - not only does she do her own acrobatics, but can sing  with such resonance at the same time. She's powerful and under-appreciated! And, how many of you cry or mist up when you hear "Wind Beneath my Wings" by Bette Midler? Perfect timing on that.

Wes' Recap on Loans, Interest and the Market:
improving interest rates with Ukraine crisis. It's a great time to obtain a mortgage. At about 4.5 percent you are borrowing money at a good price.Don't wait - sellers are serious, as are buyers. Bryan disagrees when people say 
to wait until summer - no reason to delay. There are buyers waiting for you. Do it while the rates are at 4.5 percent. Let's not wait.

Mia Roseberry, co-founder of Wounded Warrior Homes in San Diego
Their mission is to provide transitional housing to single post-911 combat veterans with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. Many veterans are discharged from military, but what you don't know is that they are discharged due to injury, it can take up to two years to receive their benefits when they get out. In the meantime, they have no income, and due to the injury they cannot work. Has greatly increased the homeless population. There are over 48,000 Iraq and Iran veterans who are homeless from USA Today report. This is sickening. No one seems to realize that it truly takes time for everything to come through. They have no money, some don't have family or support system. They go home to Midwest - cannot get to VA support - no doctors in their plan, no facilities. Takes hours to get there - cannot afford the gas, cannot find someone with that kind of time to get them there.

San Diego County has such an amazing wealth of resources. They get support from the Balboa and La Jolla VA facilities and many other offices in the county. Bryan found out about Wounded Warrior Homes from his friends Brian and Patrick at REIG Asset Management. They are a HUGE sponsor for Wounded Warrior Homes. People don't realize how the system works and how long it takes to get the flow of benefits, especially when you are not near veteran support systems.

Compare this to the $500K willing to pay for dinner with Kim Kardashian. 

Disgusting when you think HOW many veterans that same money could help. 

Society can be so shallow and the media even worse to talk about that over the needs of those who have served this country. We need to retrain our media to cover what is and should be important.

REIG has hired one of the clients from WWH as an intern to give him training in the field he's interested in. Any company can make a difference through intern programs, part time help, mentoring, donating time and money.

Mia let us know that the residents, short or long term must be drug and alcohol free. Short term is an option. Some have been with them for only four months and then "graduate." She told us, "We have a great guy that is now a spokesperson for us - he's back on his feet, creating companies and serving as a mentor."

Angie recognized, "There needs to be a fine balance between caring and allowing them to launch themselves back to independence." Through Wounded Warior Homes, they connect the residents with attorneys, appointments - they ensure recreational activities, religious opportunities - anything to get them back to "normal" or their "new normal." - to learn more

Upcoming Events: 

Come see us at the Carlsbad Street Faire
Sunday, May 4th, 2014, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Carlsbad Village (Grand Ave. from Carlsbad Blvd. to Jefferson St.)
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Second Annual Hot Rods 4 Heroes in Association with the San Diego County Parks & Recreation Department

as part of the Grand Opening of the San Diego Waterfront Park & Promenade1537 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

Across from the San Diego Maritime Museum

Come Join Us for a Great Day On The Bay! 
100% goes to


4th Annual Warrior’s Code Poker Ride

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

5th Annual Biggs Harley-Davidson of Southern California

1040 Los Vallecitos Blvd., San Marcos, CA 92069
live music, food, raffles at all events.

Wyoming's own Bobby Chitwood concert - 2nd year helping them. He is the Wounded Warrior Homes' Celebrity spokesperson
June 29. Tickets on sale this month.
Further opportunities:

Help build a home program. 
House donated by Team Capital 100% solar house. Trucked from DC to Irvine.
This home is IN STORAGE, ADA compliant and needs to get to the property!
Next phase of permit process, trucking to set on property - more home space. 

$80,000 to finish this project! 
You can specify your donation to go to that project, corporate sponsorship available.
Pacific Marine Credit Union recently raised $8000 in 30 days from their branches. It doesn't have to be hard, you just have to decide to help!

We ended the show talking about our no bullying stand and the Wisconsin news anchor story about a guy who badgered a newscaster for being overweight on the air. There was some... backlash to say the least.

The Dating Coach DeAnna Lorraine Joins Bryan

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It's the holidays. No need to be desperate to find someone to spend them with, The Dating Coach, DeAnna Lorraine is here to help!

Ms. DeAnna Lorraine is an internationally-acclaimed Dating & Relationship Coach and is recognized as one of the leading and most trusted female Dating Coach for men in the world. Nicknamed “Ms. Hitch,” she specializes in coaching single men who have been chronically unlucky in love and unsuccessful with women – and ready to flip the script on it! 

Ms. Hitch is responsible for transforming hundreds of men from inexperienced, unpopular, shy, socially awkward, single guys to confident, desirable ‘Casanovas’ who readily attract women.  Her revolutionary coaching method for helping men to powerfully attract, date, and succeed with women has produced spectacular results in the love lives of men young and old, and have led to hundreds of new relationships, ‘rock star’ sex lives, and marriages with women that they had previously only dreamed about getting. Ms. Lorraine is based out of sunny San Diego, California but about 50% of the clients she works with are located in different parts of the world, from the East Coast to Dubai, to Australia, and everywhere in-between.

We were also joined by Wes' mom

July 17: Hilarity with the usual suspects and Real Estate discussion

Last week it was Angie, Bryan, Pat and Wes.  What started out as a real estate update show ended up being a pretty hilarious coffee clutch. Too many topics to cover – quick and upbeat – don’t miss it!

Patrick Clark of RGI Asset Management - housing market discussion. Bryan says he can talk to you about your house to come up with the price to get you to your goal - either a fast sale or top dollar - and sometimes both!  Brian Daly and Patrick Clark have founded their company on principal, rather than greed. Yes, we all want to make money, but it can be done ethically, fairly and with compassion.

Housing Bubble: Bryan referenced on this topic. Bryan and Patrick agree that we are heading to a bubble that could level out or even implode a bit. Interest rates are following the same sticker shock that gas prices do: raise them up and then back them down a bit so people feel that it's better - false comfort. Then insure 90% of the loans - Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Would be much better if more private money were a part of these loans rather than putting so much in the Federal Government to keep the Real Estate Market going.  Keeping Current Matters states that 40% of buyers are getting better rate than renting. There are plenty of traditional buyers out there - don't panic.

If you need help with short sale, call Bryan now - before the Feds change their generosity.

Bryan talked about being the fat guy on the plane. He would fly first class or not at all. He knows how people were hoping, "Please pass, pass, pass, don't let the fat guy sit by me in the middle and ooze into my seat!" He feels the same about kids - there's always that potential of the ears popping causing a shrill alarm at takeoff and landing. He calls himself out and we were laughing pretty hard - if we were honest!

Preview to next week's show: What is the right age to get a test for your prostate? How about that colon? We'll be talking to expert and his patient survivor next week.  Read more, then tune in!

June 19: Will prying bytes really keep us safer?

Today was basically part II from last week.

We discussed a variety of topics from last week's topic of Government intervention, gun control, and media hype and a little pop culture for good measure. Bryan shared some very personal moments about his cousin that was shot 11 times.

Great show.

April 24: Mary Wight on Nutrition and Obesity

mary-wight.jpgMary is a member of the team at Olde Del Mar Surgical center. She is Bryan's nutritionist as he is progressing toward a VERY healthy lifestyle. Today they discussed nutrition in today's society and will be talking with her in the future about childhood obesity and tackling that problem along with bullying. Sometimes they go hand-in-hand.

Mary is an integral part of our team, supplying the nutritional component to your weight loss journey. She has experience working with patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings with multiple disease states (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease), as well as eating disorders and behavioral health. Mary will guide patients in making the necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes before and after surgery to help prepare them for great success. Our surgical weight loss program requires the support of a registered dietitian as a part of our interdisciplinary approach to your weight loss journey

April 3: Martita Jara and David Scheid

David is BACK in the studio. Bryan is still learning how to say Martita's last name. Are you kidding? You are a CA native, Bryan - good grief. ;) Food and music is our show today - Martita inspiring us to create, she prefers to create in the kitchen with music.

Bryan recalled with sweaty palms the feeling of receiving the packet in the mail from the IRS for an audit. Funny thing is, they ended up owing HIM money. Too funny. We still worry. They really aren't scary. Stay respectful, stay calm, they are humans.

Catch up on Martita's season on Food Network - Season 8 is all Martita - she rocks it! Matita talks about gaining weight by testing and tasting. This goes with Bryan's big reveal of his recent bariatric surgery and gall bladder removal. The other guest on this show was his doctor.

We also talked about Bryan's mom, Helen - remember her from Thanksgiving - she passed recently and it's been a devastating time as he and his mom were very close. She was a remarkable, fun, loving mother. She will be missed terribly.  Because of the timing, Bryan didn't take care of himself - He's reminding us - after surgery - you need to follow the orders and take care of yourself or you will fall terribly and not be able to cope with the rest of  life going on around you.

February 6: Talking about healthcare and advocacy

Down Home just with Angie and Bryan

Healthcare - discussions because Bryan had to take his mom to the hospital - have to stay on top of your own healthcare and advocate for those you love!  Urgent care sent her home saying that she sprained her neck. WHAT? She has an autoimmune disorder. TAKE NOTES, go to all appointments with your loved one - send someone to ask questions, take notes and advocate. Doing the urgent care shuffle.

January 30: Wounded Warrior Homes with Brian Daly & Patrick Clark

Angela Moskovis putting things in perspective. Reflections, gratitude. Everyone has adversity. Gives us an opportunity to crystalize our awareness.

Congratulations to Brian Daly on the birth of his first child!  WOO HOO!

Brian Daly Patrick Clark REIG Asset Management. These guys work with Wounded Warrior Homes SD based foundation geared more to disabled vets as they transition out. Their lives are full of so much sudden change. A lot of soldiers need support then to help them avoid other more destructive directions like substance abuse.

Patrick told us about Steve Roseberry, director of Wounded Warrior Homes - he just told of their first success story: A veteran 2 days away from being flat broke about to move to his car., disabled, had a service dog.  Been there three months - job, back on his feet and independent again.

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