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Last Day for Amanda as permanent panelist, Twitter changing character limit to 10,000, and New Year’s Resolutions

Sadly, this is the last episode that Amanda will be on the show as a regular panelist. We hope to have her on the show as a guest from time to time and whenever she is able. She will always be a big part of the Big Daddy Radio family and we wish her well, especially in her role as a new mom! 

Aside from that bitter-sweet news, there were many stories #OnBigDaddysRadar this week. We talk a lot about social media, so we couldn't help but weigh in on Twitter's announcement that is fundamentally changing the entire social network with the notion that they will soon move from 140 character limit to a character limit of 10,000. We don't know what that exactly means for the future of Twitter, but us along with many of its die-hard users have very strong opinions about it. 
Lastly, it is the new year after all, so as we welcome 2016, it would be crazy not to discuss the importance of New Year's Resolutions in our culture, what ours are (if any), why the majority of them never come to fruition, and how we can make them a part of our everyday lives as new habits. 

Target announces gender-neutral children section, Melissa McCarthy clothing, Heidi Klum, Donald Trump and more

This week, we all agreed target did a really great thing by announcing changes to how they categorize and label children's toys and clothing in order to limit gender-specific stereotyping. It shows our society is growing and evolving. Kudos to Target who is now going to categorize by interest or theme rather than by labeling them "boys" or "girls" toys that people think historically are only appealing to one gender or the other.

We also discussed Melissa McCarthy's new clothing line and the reasons why she is highly discouraging the label "plus size", as well as Heidi Klum's light-hearted and funny reaction to Donald Trump's ridiculous comments about her looks. 

Special Guest: The Fitness Stalker - Raquel Cordero Perry, Reactions about the Caitlyn Jenner reveal and more

We had the pleasure this week of welcoming back onto the show one of the best and most devoted fitness experts we know, Raquel Cordero Perry, AKA The Fitness Stalker. We discussed a variety of topics related to health and fitness, including self-sabotage, as well as body image and how it is affected by the media and society. 

We also got reactions from all of the panelists about Caitlyn Jenner revealing herself for the first time on Monday in a stunning Vanity Fair photo spread. It's not far off to say that close to everyone around the world who has seen it, was shocked at how beautiful she looks. 
While there are many mixed feelings and opinions about Caitlyn, it seems the world has been more positive, encouraging and supportive. What Caitlyn has done by making this transition so public may not be clear or understood by everyone, but it is very a big step in the right direction to help society understand and treat transgender people with respect and love; just as any human being deserves. 

Realty, Reality and Archie Andrews

WOW! Turn Bryan and Drew loose on a show when a guest has to cancel and it is a full show. You'd think they had a full panel. It was quite a show full of  topics.

The real person you want to list your house is ME!
We don't want to spend the whole show talking about real estate - you've heard business shows today before this came on. If you need to buy, want to buy, want to see, need to sell or don't know - call me, make an appointment. Let's make a plan

OK, let's get back to the lifestyle portion of this site.

If you are in distress, don't be - pick up the phone.
Call about anything regarding real estate. Doesn't matter what part of the county it is in. We treat each house as it's own unique business proposition.

All about handing volume consistently, but knowing when to say when.
That's why we have our preferred vendor, Wes Shaw of RPM Mortgage.
You always want to be planning.
BREAK IT DOWN for the folks - make it NOT boring.

Sales are primarily back to traditional, but there is the reset for those loans - those balloon payments - we are going back to short sales coming back on the market. Stuff happens - jobs lost, jobs changed - you need help - call us!

Archie was shot and killed? We'll cover that after the break.

Some talk about Real Housewives and our friend, .....Tamra
DUH! Do you not know this is not 100% reality? Really? Folks - it would be boring or a hot mess if it was all REAL. Gotta edit, stir it up... come on.
There is talk of reunion filming as the show ends...

If you missed Ladies of London -try to catch it on Hulu.
We are THE reality show junkies.
The culture differences between the American women and Brits - THAT's interesting.

Don't judge us on this. Bryan has his law degree, is very educated - he just loves these for entertainment. Drew's on board with this too. Hey - we know these shows are ENTERTAINMENT - we know they are not our friends or real people - they are characters coached.

Shout out to Marisol Patton.

OK, back from break..

Going to Tahiti. UNPLUGGED is the KEY! Soak in the surroundings, take pause.
Mykonos was another favorite. Stay at the Mykonos Grand - save up - do it right!

Heather Shotke from GramMarch will be back on. We will be supporting her upcoming events. 
Time to get back to complete sentences in schoolwork, business correspondence and more.

What about Archie? He's been around since 1939 - why did they kiill him off? Is this a political statement.

He was killed because he was defending his own openly gay friend, who is a senator on the topic of gun control. That brings us to Gay Pride. San Diego Pride week.
LGBTG - gotta get them all in there... It's more than the extreme folks in their underwear they like to show on the news. Gays own businesses, have families, get married, support charities, hire people..

THOR is going to be a WOMAN! What a courageous move for Marvel! Should be interesting.

William Lopez Helping you create your BEST first impression in business

William Lopez has been Bryan's friend for 18 years. His firm handles PR, logos/graphics, web design and more! He has an MBA and PhD in education - he hails from Chicago. They are a full-service Marketing Communication firm. They are the First Impression Image creators!

They come apprehensively, but still have great ideas when they are given the creative freedom inspired by Alternative Strategies.

Their experience with restaurants is extensive. You don't want to go cheap and use a cookie cutter type of site. There is a design team of 4 people that work on ALL logos to create a brand that fits perfectly. They have a few choices then and the clients completely benefit.


"When we have this much business, or this many clients.... that's when we will do the marketing."

WRONG - have to do it from Day 1. Have a budget set aside from the start otherwise you are already behind and risk creating a terrible first impression, have to rebrand... disaster!

DIVERSIFICATION - don't put it all in one marketing basket. What are you doing to market to existing clients? What do you do for your referral clients? How do you reward them? 

What are you doing to communicate to your customers as the EXPERT?

What kind of list do you have? What are you doing to continue the touch and drip marketing? They will FORGET YOU if you don't continue the relationship.

Announcement: Big Daddy Radio is changing formats at the end of the month

New shows:

  • Real Estate Debate Show starts in June. At least once a month.
  • Home Pro Show - sort of like an Angie's List locally for anything dealing with the home. Bryan will be THE agent.
  • Big Daddy Radio is changing at the end of the month - we are transitioning to Google+ and HangoutsOnAir through YouTube with a focus on REAL ESTATE - imagine that? Bryan - the Realtor having shows about REAL ESTATE.

Sandy Rasque joined us today for her last appearance. It's been fun! On to new adventures. Her company is Concierge Physician Advisory. They help doctors transition from a standard practice to a concierge medical model. Skype appointments, longer appointments, better service for patients.

About William Lopez:
He's a critical thinker and strategist with a successful track record in producing integrated marketing programs, public relation campaigns and brand management initiatives. He's thought of as a stealthy marketing partner with experience in brand architecture that transcends cultural barriers for local, regional or national implementation 'branding with a cultural pulse.' An integrator with expertise in client and agency collaboration and coordination for optimal brand activation and success.

So what are we talking about with this guy?

You can reach him to talk about your marketing needs here:

William Lopez Principal
(619) 858-0322 | f. (619) 858-0327 | 3443 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 327, CA 92108


Ron Nash & Susan Finch talk about LinkedIn and online reputations


Ron Nash of Dream University and a Linked In guru visited with Bryan about the importance of networking on LinkedIn – even before you enter the workforce. Susan Finch joined the panel and talked about your online profile, remaining professional even if you think no one else can see it.  Younger people need to remember how to make eye contact and participate in engaging conversations. We were all wound up with this one, especially since I’m really bad about LinkedIn and participating. They both kicked my butt into gear and showed me the importance of this. Good grief – more to do!

Branding, How Commercials Work

Bryan sits down and talks with Fox 5 Marketing Executives, Marco Coleman and Patti Hayford for a discussion on branding and how TV marketing (commercials) work.

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