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Matt Capron to talk about rental property management.

Matt Capron, CEO/Broker Vertical Horizon, he's also a JD with that law background like Bryan.
Are you looking for someone to manage your property? Are you unhappy with your current manager? Call Matt: 

Matt vets the process for finding tenants for residential properties.
He hates vacancy time. Don't delay - if you want a tenant July 1, don't wait until June 20.
Need the extra time to find a quality tenant. Think about one month vacancy vs. how much a property management firm costs. 

Bryan asked Drew, "When you are looking - would you be wary about renting from individual."

Drew, "Think about it tenants, if you go through private party, what if that property owner gets upside down, you could be out on the streets, too. You want to make sure you have reputable people at both ends of the relationship."

You don't need a professional when everything goes smoothly.  But will it always go smoothly? Once it goes askew - hard to recover without the help of a professional. Best to have them in the mix from the beginning.

He's different and allows applicants to pull their own credit score to save another ping on their score. Technically you can go to to get your one free from each agency for the year. No application fee.

Be wary of credit repair companies. Most are not. Looking for one that RPM endorses... on the hunt.

Find someone diligent - not the nitpickers, the logical folks with experience in this field that can help protect you, get you great tenants and help you not worry about the small stuff.

November 6: Facebook Moms who Bully Babies

We had our regular panelists to include Brian Daly of REIG Asset Management and Drew Ornelas from our office along with Dr. Angie.  We talked extensively about flipping houses as well as the Facebook Mom’s who are literally bullying babies.  The main theme of the show was also about transitions in life.  Drew and the entire panel was candid and it was great fun.

You'll just have to listen to the bullying moms on Facebook.

October 9: Why should we be paying for your LAZINESS? You are sucking us all dry.

We had a guest author scheduled, Alan Sheehan. He decided not to join us. Wonder if Bryan’s strong feelings about the abuse of the existing disability and state-funding systems could have had something to do with it? He was going to try to convince us that everyone should be guaranteed an income – REALLY? Don’t we have enough people abusing the system and draining the government – meaning WE THE TAXPAYERS?!

Angie was out sick.  So, the show was Wes Shaw of RMP Mortgage and Bryan. They discussed the fact that social security disability is being depleted and how people are seeking this as a source of income because their unemployment is running out as well as Real Estate and lending issues. They really covered the fact that people need to be working with an agent who understands the in’s and out’s of getting a house sold, understands the seller’s unique needs and how much you have to be on top of it in order to qualify for financing, especially in this market. If you are in need of what is considered a jumbo loan (anything over $546,250 conventional basis and $697,500 FHA). It was not a session where Bryan was tearing into the people who deserve the social security disability; but those who abuse that the system thinking that the rest of us should subsidize their laziness. The fact is our own government cannot even rectify its budget so what are we going to do as people continue to age and these programs run out of money etc..for those who REALLY need it?

September 18: Housing Market - BUY NOW, Pop Culture

Bryan & Angie, Linday "Chilly" Chilson of 5 Star Escrow, our Title Sponsor and REIG's all star - Patrick Clark

Good time to sell your house with all of the changes with the feds. Call BRYAN - he'll do a comparative analysis - a REAL one so you will understand it's a good time to sell.
1% can mean $100,000.

A lot of asset managers are being let go. It was a sellers market in summer. Now it's switching, typical of this time of year. 4% take advantage now.  Buyers' market!  Less competition for you now. Take another shot. There is a little bit more inventory.

Get pre-approved for mortgage - it saves everyone time and gives you a clearer picture of what you can afford. No need to look at properties that are way out of your range. It wastes everyone's time. Don't expect agents to take you on a tour for the day without knowing what you can afford. It's just RUDE! Your time, their time, their gas - it's valuable.  Remember that debt ratio doesn't take into account childcare, etc. Factor it in. Get a realistic picture of what you can afford. Otherwise, you'll never enjoy your home you eeked into because you are stressing about the money each month to make your nut. 

619-399-3300 - Call Bryan, he'll connect you with Wes or Patrick. They'll give you a reality check to set your mind at ease after your purchase. 

We also gave Angie a Facebook 101 lesson. Remember to like Big Daddy Radio on Facebook.

August 21: Wounded Warrior program, San Diego housing market and Lady Gaga’s new release

This was a full house show. We focused on the Wounded Warrior Program and had Mia Roseberry and Patrick Clark from REIG. They are providing an amazing service for an unfilled need for Veterans and have opened their first house locally (disabled, it is outrageous what they have to do in terms of waiting to get a disability rating etc. and there are six months in between them being discharged and getting benefits...sometimes it can lag up to 2 years). 

We continued the show talking about home values in San Diego, what the climate is for buyers and sellers with Scott Olsberg from Cal Coast Appraisal Services and David Rudd from Kindred Real Estate.

Of course we had to include some pop culture with Lady Gaga's new release, Applause.

August 14: Dollar Shave Club and Remembering to Ask About Parking

Yesterday we had the CEO and founder of Dollar Shave Club Michael Dublin. Bryan and Angie discussed a bunch of different things - BIG SURPRISE - good grief, those two change topics so fast it would have made your head spin. A lot of it had to do with loyalty, reconnecting with folks you care about most and they also discussed the San Francisco market and an old friend, Jon Giacomi.

Sad real estate story reminding us to ask what we assume are obvious things for agents to reveal before you put in an offer. He had his condo on the market for a day or two and it sold but the agent didn't tell the buyer that it didn't have a parking space so you know Bryan went off on being sure that you get a competent agent.

If you are in the City or areas with limited parking in the area, that's something you would want to know about right away regardless of public transportation.  

Hey, back to the Dollar Shave Club and CEO Michael Dubin:

August 7: Bark Box Helps Animals in Need while we talk Real Estate

Bryan and Angie are having CEO and Co-Founder of Barkbox. Matt Meeker.  It’s a cool concept and we all use it for our dogs.  It’s really taken off.  We think this is one of the greatest new concepts out there for your pets. Listen to the replay and you will get the inside scoop on many things that are of interest including some of the stuff you are feeding your pet now although branded "premium" may not be so "premium" after all.

A portion of proceeds from each box will go to help doggies-in-need. Whether you’ve known your furry friend for years or have a new special canine in your life, BarkBox is the monthly necessity for keeping your pup entertained and feeling well loved.

We are also joined by Leslie Pierce from Lawyers Title and David Rudd from Kindred Real Estate.

David is a long time friend of Bryan’s, as is Leslie. We will probably discuss some general real estate items as well as fun about being a dog lover.

July 17: Hilarity with the usual suspects and Real Estate discussion

Last week it was Angie, Bryan, Pat and Wes.  What started out as a real estate update show ended up being a pretty hilarious coffee clutch. Too many topics to cover – quick and upbeat – don’t miss it!

Patrick Clark of RGI Asset Management - housing market discussion. Bryan says he can talk to you about your house to come up with the price to get you to your goal - either a fast sale or top dollar - and sometimes both!  Brian Daly and Patrick Clark have founded their company on principal, rather than greed. Yes, we all want to make money, but it can be done ethically, fairly and with compassion.

Housing Bubble: Bryan referenced on this topic. Bryan and Patrick agree that we are heading to a bubble that could level out or even implode a bit. Interest rates are following the same sticker shock that gas prices do: raise them up and then back them down a bit so people feel that it's better - false comfort. Then insure 90% of the loans - Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Would be much better if more private money were a part of these loans rather than putting so much in the Federal Government to keep the Real Estate Market going.  Keeping Current Matters states that 40% of buyers are getting better rate than renting. There are plenty of traditional buyers out there - don't panic.

If you need help with short sale, call Bryan now - before the Feds change their generosity.

Bryan talked about being the fat guy on the plane. He would fly first class or not at all. He knows how people were hoping, "Please pass, pass, pass, don't let the fat guy sit by me in the middle and ooze into my seat!" He feels the same about kids - there's always that potential of the ears popping causing a shrill alarm at takeoff and landing. He calls himself out and we were laughing pretty hard - if we were honest!

Preview to next week's show: What is the right age to get a test for your prostate? How about that colon? We'll be talking to expert and his patient survivor next week.  Read more, then tune in!

June 12: Mortgage Rates and Government Eavesdropping

It was a lively conversation with Wes Shaw, Patrick Clark,  and Angela as they chatted it up with Bryan about mortgage rates, the new protocol with  the government eavesdropping and Bryan talking about his experience with pet psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick.

May 22: Tawni Oppenheim Helping You Add Curb Appeal through Staging

This week we are having a stager Tawni Oppenheim from Staged 4 Sale.  We are going to discuss how important de-personalizing and clutter free houses sell for more and what curb appeal can do for you.

Tawni Oppenheim, President of Staged 4 Sale and an Accredited Staging Professional Master attended the Staging University in Chicago in 2006 where she was personally trained by the Originator and Creator of Home Staging – Barb Schwarz herself. Barb has appeared on numerous news and media including ABC’s 20/20, CBS The Early Show, NBC Nightly News, The New York Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, and dozens of others. Tawni has an extensive background working with people, color and décor. Please visit these links to read more:

As Seen On Channel 10 News! | Interviewed by the Associated Press!

Tawni and her staging team use color, psychology, marketing experience, décor, love and attention to detail when working in a client’s home. Their goal is to assist sellers transform their home into a house- a new product for sale on the market. Although this is an emotional transition for a seller, it allows the potential buyers to emotionally connect and picture themselves living in their new home. Staged 4 Sale loves the challenge of customizing their services to meet the individual client’s needs. Tawni and her Team are truly creative when it comes to using existing items already in the house which they call TruREdesign©. Tawni and her team are true masters of “re-conceptualizing”. Even if the home is not on the market, they work with owners belongings to re-arrange their home which is called Staged4Home©. This is a perfect service for people who are too busy or do not have the talent that this team has. Giving the gift of staging is what gives them satisfaction. Staging changes people’s lives and this is why they are passionate about staging.

Tawni Oppenheim, ASPM™ has had an eclectic professional life. For many years, she has dedicated her life toward helping people. She spent years helping mentally and physically challenged individuals and their families. She is compassionate, intuitive, a good listener and a hard worker. She understands the emotions of selling, moving, buying and settling. Tawni is a creative genius when it comes to “seeing how something can be.” Tawni has been an entrepreneur since a young age. It only made sense to combine her eye for design and her compassion for people to create Staged 4 Sale, San Diego’s premier Staging Company.

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