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BK attorneys who partner with agents are a good combo!


This episode featured a lot of discussion on why you want a Real Estate agent with more than just a license. Sasha Shanner brings the added strength of a husband who is a bankruptcy attorney who helps give sound guidance when drastic changes are needed. As we know, Bryan Garrity is a JD so he brings that law background and arsenal to his clients' aid. It was a great exchange, plus the usual rants and warmth you expect from Big Daddy Live. Some of the quotable highlights are below:

Bryan: ...but I want people to understand if there was no Madonna, there would be no Britney. If there was not Britney, there'd be no Gaga. I mean, the list could go on. You have to fill me in on who the young ... like Billie what's her name?

Morgan McGuire: Eilish.

On interest rates of the past:

Sasha Shanner: Remember those stories your parents told you. I bought it when it was 18%. I have to hear it all the time. And they still bought a house, and they used it as a building block to buy another house, and they refi'd when the rates went low, and there's just a cycle of it. It's really natural.

Bryan: ... if you're in the market and you're ready, it's a great time to buy. Let me preface it by saying that. I shouldn't say it's a great time to buy, everybody go out and do it, because for some individuals it's circumstantial at the end of the day. But I think if most people stood back and looked at what they pay in rent.

On the market crash and how this group adjusted to the changes:

Sasha Shanner: With a newborn and not having a job, and then my husband who is a bankruptcy attorney, his phone starts ringing off the hook. I said I'll come help you. I know how to manage a team, I can build a little ... I'll help you basically. At that point it was just help. Just help him. He was busy. Then that turned into ten years of running his office. In the height of the bankruptcy, we were filing about 40 to 50 cases a month. We had a couple paralegals and another lawyer. We had a whole team. It was just sometimes you ride the wave, and that was what I had in front of me at the time and I made the best of it.

Bryan recalling how he got into real estate: "When everything crashed on the finance side, people were coming wanting to refinance, can you represent me for this on the litigation side? Nope, nope. I got out of that (legal industry) for a reason. However, I'm like wait a minute. There's a way to make this work. Who is negotiating these short sales? That's how it started.

Sasha Shanner: Short sales were a really good opportunity in that time. I'm doing three short sales right now. 

It's a lot of coordinating. It's not your average thing for real estate agents. For me, it's very comfortable for me, because that's the background I came from of that distrust, but I almost think that it's not harder, but if you haven't done it ... like anything.

Bryan's Rant: I hate when I call an agent ... This bugs me, and boom, you get a text like two seconds behind it. So wait? You could not have picked up that ... You texted. It's not like those custom ones. It's one that they attached on there, so you had enough time to get your little fingers and go tappy-tappy, you couldn't pick up the phone and go, "Hi, this is dumb ass. Can I help you?" I'm sorry, she's much more put together than I am this way, but I would call them dumb ass. She'd be like, yes sir or ma'am. You guys get that, right? Pick up the phone!

The other part about real estate that bothers me that some people don't understand or seem to give credit for is like this is a huge emotional component in people's lives. You will have emotions whether they be good, bad, ugly, love, anger, whatever, you've been in the house for ten years, do not tell me you're not going to have some kind of emotion rolling out of there.

Bryan's biased opinion:  I always think the tall, beautiful gals like you really make an imprint. (his guests today are in the 6 foot+ range).

Plug for a friend: A buddy of mine, we did a segment last week with Melissa Sofia, she's amazing. She's a broker of Avenue Home Collective, that's her real estate company, and she's doing a thing called Momcation. 

Mothers are supposed to mother like they don't work, and work like they don't mother. That is so true. I think that from a societal standpoint that is a true statement.

Sasha Shanner had her own rant: And a double standard. I think it's hard, too, being a realtor, because sometimes, and it could just be in my own head. 

This is a profession. I show up for work every day. I mean, I get dressed, I have a certain amount I need to make for my family, I don't take it lightly. The hard thing is sometimes, and I love all these people, but I'll have moms come up to me and go, I'm going to get my real estate license because it's a great thing when you have kids. You have so much time. You're just so free because you're a realtor. And I'm like actually it's like totally opposite. If I had a 9-to-5, I would be able to manage so much better, but when I'm trying to make dinner and negotiate a contract, tell my kids, it's hard. I think it's harder than if I were just like ... Do you know what my dream job is? Be a checker at Costco. I could just be like checkout beep, beep, beep. I'm sure I'd be bored in two days, but sometimes I'm like wow, that's just like you don't really have to think.

Bryan:  A lot of them have no idea about a myriad of things that to me is shocking. Which they have hired us to handle their biggest asset all day, and to me, that's an honor, that's a privilege. These people need to be protected. 

Sasha Shanner: I just feel like there are so many resources, so it doesn't matter how long you've been in the business it's that you're humble enough to ask for help or get the resources or have the second pair of eyes.

A reminder from Sasha on the need to set limits, boundaries with clients and their thinking everything is 911 at 3 am:

You're tired. I mean, you need fuel. If you're truly doing transaction-based real estate and you're reading contracts and you're doing negotiations and you're tracking down some agents that won't call you back, and you finally get a hold of them, and you're like getting that done,  I feel like you have to kind of know when you are your best, otherwise you make mistakes. That means refueling, shutting it down to reset.

Bryan admits: If you want more escrow, just schedule a vacation. Everything will blow up as soon as you leave town. Never fails.

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1% commission bait and switch in real estate, skunks and racism.


This episode aired live July 15, 2019. Guests included: Patrick Mercer, Jennifer Koch, Ryan Alvey, Jonathan Cohen-Kurzrock. Topics ran the full gamut from a big chunk on Real Estate and commissions to healthcare, social media, The Golden Rule, racism and back to Real Estate. For context and more laughs, you'll need to listen to the full show here. Some of the quotable moments from today's episode include these:

But no, it was a 20-pound looking skunk. That thing was massive. It must've sprayed all over all three of them. But my girl's like, "No, no, you little b*tch. You're not allowed in my backyard, you're out of here." So she killed the skunk and then this morning I was like, "Ooh, the skunky."

Jennifer Koch -  I feel like Vanna White right now the way you're saying this.
Bryan Garrity - I feel like I was Vanna getting you my darling.

"There are some that are not so fun that are in real estate and they will not be on this show. No, they will not be on this show."

On real estate agent commissions and the supposed "1% commission" bait and switch:

Once you realize your self-worth, you'll stop giving a discount. 

It needs to be more than, "Oh I just want to get the listing," but what else are you offering against those other agents? Especially if we are talking the same price commission.

It's always scary when they say, "My friend just got their license a week ago." So the nice part of me, the nice part of me is like, "We'll help your friend." The realistic part of me is like, "Run the other direction and tell them to call me in a couple of years when you get some experience. Do you want to be the guinea pig for that person?

On racism

We live in a crazy society now with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where I think that this hatred, if you will, or negative talk has always been around, I just think that it wasn't able to get out there because people said it kind of behind closed doors. 

I would say in the last few years though I feel like it's heightened. I think that comes from the top, you know, Cheeto head definitely I think has a big effect on that part. Where just when you see the allowance at the highest level in the US, being able to say certain things, being able to treat people certain ways, and for a lot of cultures dog whistles that other people might not hear, but definitely dog whistles depending on who you are. The people who have those racist tendencies in everything, that's how they feel like they're allowed to come out. A dog whistle is when basically someone says something and only the people who have that belief and the people who it's against are able to hear it. So what happens is a lot of people might not realize it, like there might be 50% of people who don't realize that someone just said something racist. Except for the group that's being hit upon and the people that that person is trying to incite the racism in.

I'll tell you what's happened the last couple of years, we found out that what goes behind those closed doors is not quite all rainbows and sunshine like people thought. It's too bad.

Let's just get back to a community of respect for one another, of love for one another. People make fun of me and say, "Oh yeah, love, love, love." Yeah, yes, love all day. Why not? You want it to be hate, hate, hate? That doesn't make a sh*it of sense to me, that actually pisses me off.

That's my favorite thing to do when I get home at night though. Sit my ass on the couch, and get a Mexican Coke, and play with my puppies, and watch The View.

Well, I feel like mental health is like the healthcare system and the way it's set up, they overlook that a lot and helping people with mental illness. I have a lot of family and friends that I've seen go through that and a lot of times it seems like they're just throwing pills at them. Let's experiment with this, let's try this, let's up that, let's take that down, let's throw that in, and it doesn't really help the problem. I think they just try to brush it under the rug and forget about it. Like, "Here take some of these and have fun."

On minding your own flippin' business:

Patrick Mercer: "It's obviously difficult for people to stay in their lane..."

Bryan Garrity - "I like that. Stay in your lane, stay in your lane."

Immigration Myths Busted and Group Rant

In the studio with Bryan today: Angie, Drew, Luis Lopez from the Law Office of Kevin Tracy. He's a Paralegal and Interpreter.

Luis told us that with regards to gay marriages, they have had 20 cases so far come in with Visas, met their partner here and took advantage of new law.

How scary for some coming from Guatemala , Honduras that are very against gays. Their risk is bigger. If they get caught and deported, some countries will actually kill you for being gay.They can ask for asylum out of fear due to their living situation.

The studio is on the Pope Francis bandwagon. WE LOVE HIM.The new Pope - his view of tolerance of love of all.
We are all about welcoming people into the church. so says the Archbishop of NY. Progressive action is happening.

Our team doesn't believe in the "lock the borders" point of view. What do you think their reason is for coming here?
Do you not get a lot of it is about FEAR. If you had kids in a country with violence all around you and there was chance to escape to safety - wouldn't YOU take that for your kids?

Yes, you need to do it right - meet with a team like Luis and those at the Law Office of Kevin Tracy. Have a sit down/free consult. They usually have interpreters, they have a attorney/client confidentiality agreement to protect you. They won't notify immigration. Spell out your situation and Luis and his team will be honest and help you on your path. They'll also be honest and tell you if you have some things to clear up first.

Call Luis at 858-805-6786. They serve ALL of San Diego county and outlying areas.

If you mention Big Daddy Radio, they'll set up a free consultation for you. They are looking out for the best interest of the client. They don't want you hurt or your families. They want to help you do it right and start your better life.

If someone is here, and they marry someone from Holland, do they get automatic citizenship. This is a common myth.
Married to US citizen - they can go ahead and start the immigration process. BUT have to check their history, how many times in and out of the country, are there problems with their visa, or will they have to do processing where they fill out the paperwork here but have to go back to their country of origin to complete it.

People are confused with that belief like the movie Green Card.
It's not automatic. Look at the Governor of Oregon's girlfriend. She married someone when she was 18 just to get him a greencard - she was paid for this, too. There is no free pass. You need to know the laws. There are several types of visas.

If you have a legal document, you marry here to a US citizen, that's the perfect scenario.It takes about 6 months.
Say you met on vacation - longer process - 1-2 years. Depends where you met, background checks and the rest. Luis loves these stories and loves helping.

Bryan reminds us: This country was built on welcoming people.

< h3>30:00 GROUP RANT: Violence against women.

WHY do you men think this is any type of OK? You weak, puny minded, insecure person. Picking on someone who can defend themselves? It's about bullying and power. You weak, pathetic human if you do this. NOTHING warrants violence against another human being. You cannot justify it hiding behind religion and local, archaic laws and your neighborhood social norms. How would you feel if someone beat your grandma? Your daughter? So your wife or girlfriend is the same? And if you think this is OK in any way, you are a sick, sick human!

Women/victims - Past behavior like this will NOT get better. Same with cheaters - why are you shocked if they do the same to you? Why would you tempt the odds? Have more self-respect. You can't fix these sick people no matter how good you are in bed, no matter how much money you lend them - they are sick manipulating abusers. RUN! If your friend or relative is considering this type of physically or mentally abusive partner - HELP THEM RUN!

OK, here's the other side, you've tried to help that person over and over and over. They are also sick if they are drawn to this type of person. As the caring friend, how do you forgive a person who is stupid or gullible or that keep going back?
Wow! There's a question.


But, let's talk about cattiness and those who delivered unsolicited advice on a regular basis - HEY! How insensitive and who are you to think we have been sitting around waiting for your cruel, unthinking, insensitive opinion.

Sometimes you just have to say, "PEESE SHUT MOUF, WOOMUN!"

What is your motivation for that comment? Is it to look better, feel better about you or, because you REALLY care?

No excuses, Binky Patrol makes is SO easy to volunteer for kids.

Angie, Drew and our guest - ME! Susan Finch was on the show. Susan Finch Solutions

Art is so important to kids. So many schools have lost their budgets so kids no longer have the opportunity to learn about artists or history through art, express their creativity through thinking outside the box - creative solutions.
Susan Finch needs your help to secure a grant from Chase to put together 12 art lessons about a specific artist, project.

The lessons will include virtual field trips, interviews with artists, cooking shows where they fit and a bit history wrapped inside of an art project they can make with easy-to-find materials from any craft or hardware store - or even the recycle bin.  The grant will cover the film and production costs to get these online and available to children around the world, even with limited internet access.

The other part of the grant is for Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids. This is a 501c3 all volunteer organization started in 1996. The mission is to make and give blankets to children and teens in need of comfort. The grant money will support the chapters as they try to get more volunteers to make more blankets to give to more children who feel they are invisible, forgotten, are ill, abused or homeless! is where you vote. Have to be logged in with Facebook. After you vote, you can delete the grant access.

Angie and Bryan talked about Ember Deflectors and how important devices like this are, especially in light of all of the fires happening in California and around the country with the drought conditions.

Bryan talked about volunteering and donating. Sometimes people don't donate anything because they feel they can't donate enough to make a difference. Think about this. $3 is enough to make a blanket to comfort a child or teen in need. That blanket will not only comfort the child, but allow a volunteer to make a difference and for that child's family to see that someone cares about their child, as well. $3 - TRULY, it's easy to make a difference. Don't overthink it.

Binky Patrol allows you to volunteer on your time schedule, when it fits, from your home. It doesn't have to be hard. CHOOSE to make a difference. That's what sparked her to start this organization in 1996. 

ANYONE can make a blanket. If it's soft, from the heart and washable, it's perfect.

She said YES to Oprah when they wanted to mention Binky Patrol on her show about children with AIDS on AIDS Awareness Day. They went national the day the show aired as over 800 phone calls came in the first two days. They couldn't keep up with the voicemail.

And what about Orpah? Do we think she's happy with her network? Seems like perhaps she was forced into doing SOMETHING else big. We think she may have other interests she wants to pursue, perhaps quieter interests. Hats off to her.

October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
How about the other cancers? It's important to fight them all. 
LUNG cancer is the number one cancer killer by a long shot. Lungs aren't as pretty as breasts, so perhaps we don't hear from them as much. Perhaps because people think about lung cancer as self-inflicted due to smoking. More judgement.

What about all of the labels. Surely the villagers in Cro Magnon times relied on the alertness of the ADD people to keep them safe while the OCD people were counting beans!

I'm not weak because of my (name the acronym disorder), I'm AWESOME because of it!
Spin it how you want, find the positive in exactly the lot you were dealt.

We treat our animals with more dignity than our loved ones - referring to humans. WHY is that?

If you have an issue with the drought and the ice-bucket challenges.. do it over grass!

On the ice-bucket challenges and wasting water:
Do it in a tub, get naked and then get clean! Such a non-issue.

If a charity is to run properly and grow and gain large sponsors, you have to decide to pay an executive staff. All volunteer organizations are limited to grow based on the hours their volunteers can give to run it. 

Bryan talked about an important email he received from a listener who moved here from Arkansas and is in the military. He had misconceptions typical of many folks about gay people. 

"I was surprised there was a homosexual on ESPN. I hadn't ever been around gay people until I moved to San Diego." He had viewed them as second class citizens. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are just people, professionals, intelligent and has shed his stereotypes. "Now your show is my favorite show on ESPN!" His wife listens at the office, he listens in North Island.

Bryan admits it was a big deal to call Wes his husband. Has to do with the time and place we were raised. Spouse he was used to. How's that for honesty?

Susan's known Bryan for over 35 years, and has known Wes for years, it still throws her to talk about Bryan's marital status. OLD SCHOOL and hard-wired.
They've been married since 2008.  Bryan says he's150% committed, but at the end of the day, it is his spouse - he still uses the term partner but is working on it. Silly man. He's even aghast when he hears Wes say, "My husband is on the phone..." "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!" Too funny. 

Susan & Bryan cheer the Pope. Kind of an accepting guy - he rocks the house!

ANGIE told us about a BIG DEAL EVENT:
San Diego Rescue Mission Sleepless America San Diego to support the homeless in San Diego. Over 8500 homeless on the streets of San Diego.
Check it out and participate!
If you miss this weekend, you can help ANY DAY. There are always homeless people in need. Vets, families, children - open your heart - don't make it too hard - just do SOMETHING to help them. Even the Kardashians are trying to set an example.

In the Pacific Northwest - over 135,000 children and teens are served by Northwest Children's Outreach.

First impressions - dress out respect for yourself and your clients.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to UNSEE something that is disturbing online or on the television.
Choose carefully - what you view and what you post.

Our hearts go out to the families of the journalist who have met untimely, violent deaths. Angie talked about forgiveness is NOT forgetting, or condoning. We were talking about betrayal, murder, cheating. Not our typical upbeat conversation, but deep and thoughtful. 

How do you feel when you get calls in the middle of the night? Anxiety levels are WAY up.
If my family - my house family - is all in the house, I turn off the ringers. My siblings and I have an agreement, if there is a death - they will still be gone in the morning - get a good night's sleep and we will connect in the morning. Every family does it differently. Most of the time, if I had it on - it was a wrong number or even the dreaded spam sales call - 3 am? Will I want to talk to you - uh NO!

We recapped a conversation about underwear from last week: Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret. We all want to feel good under it all - need it fitting properly to have a comfy day. Don't forget the Gap - but remove the TAGS.
Personally, I prefer the new style of printed tag info without an actual tag. You can cut a tag off, but you still have the edge, or you an snip a hole in the garment or you don't' get the full thing out and now it's sharper than ever! I'd rather spend a couple of more bucks and get something comfy right away rather than having to make modifications.

Past 20 years - business and evening attire is more casual. This speaks volumes as to your level of professionalism
Agents that show up with shorts and flip flops with a client. Makes the client seem like an afterthought.

Wes talked about a test that was conducted on the street:
one man dressed casually, then he changed into business casual and then into a suit. When he crossed the street no one followed him until he was in the suit.  VERY telling - he commanded respect and attention - he was someone to listen to and follow - he looked like a leader.

First impressions. You are showing how much you care about yourself and your clients. As a teen, I remember that the school staff loved dressy dances because kids acted differently when they were dressed nicely rather than costume events, or pajama party themed parties and dances. We usually carry through attitudes that match our attire. It will definitely give that impression whether it is true or not. Know that the first thing we are judged on is our appearance - they see us before they hear us.  When you talk on the phone before meeting someone - SMILE - they can hear you smile - really!

Hat tip to Susan Finch (me) and my show on headshots with Yvonne Heimann.  I talked about Bryan, Wes and Drew as GREAT examples of a professional image online and in person. When you deal with them, you know you have a committed, professional who respects you showing up!

We talked about the importance of Escrow & Title.
California Preferred Escrow - Tim Garland & Mika the escrow officer. THIS is our preferred company. If you are using a different agent (not sure why you would NOT use Bryan...) make sure to ask for California Preferred Escrow to be your escrow company in the transaction. Your agent should respect your request. BRYAN GARRITY would!

The escrow function - the intermediary - is to help everyone understand - don't go for the unknown, CHOOSE your escrow company carefully. Insist on the best.


Can you say no? Sure you can, just practice.

Drew Ornelas, Angela Moskovis and Sally Crawford were in the studio.
Sally and her husband - remember her from the carny documentary? But wait, she's on to ANOTHER project.
Angie is having a blast with her crowdfunding campaign.
Sally has a few favorite social media venues. She mainly wants you to know to not be afraid or overwhelmed. Do what you can! 

It really is possible to keep a lot of Facebook and many others private, but don't be naive, if it's online, it can still be found somehow. If you want it private forever, don't post it.

Angela talked about her new love for blogging.
It's been really helping her with her crowdfunding.
You can get inspired by every day occurrences. It's all how you tell the story.

Sally explained the basic differences between two crowdfunding systems:
Indigogo vs. Kickstarter.
The biggest is that Indigogo permits a flexible amount.... so if you raise $4,999 you get that money. Kickstarter, if you set it at $5,000 and raised $4999 - you didn't meet the goal and therefore you don't get the money.
With Indigogo, after campaign is closed, you can continue to allow people to contribute.

Have to stay active, even after the fact. Great way to stay in contact with those who supported you. Then, you can create a new campaign and have a built in system to reach out to for initial interest.

How to say no, easier with some practice. 
It's hard to "unspin" once you say yes and REALLY didn't want to say yes. Slow down, really think about WHY you are saying yes, or why you WANT to say no. Stay respectful, stay kind and say the true answer you want. Get over yourself. They'd rather have a TRUTHFUL answer, even if it's disappointing than to hear the answer they want to hear and you let resentment and regret build to stand by your answer.

OMG, LOL - #gramMARCH, Debt Settlement

Considering Bryan’s fondness of the English language and fully expressing himself in complete sentences, this cause spoke to him loudly, clearly and with a full Oh My Goodness! spelled out in its entirety.

The gramMARCH challenge is the brainchild of middle school teacher Heather Shotke, who has seen these abbreviated forms of language migrate from the screens of smartphones to the pages of her students’ work product. She is shocked at the type of writing that comes across her desk – even in formal essay assignments.

“I am disappointed and appalled,” Shotke said. “Kids are using ‘text language’ in their academic work and they think it is acceptable because that is how they are communicating with their friends on social media. It worries me that they cannot differentiate between a formal, school assignment and a text to a friend.”

Shotke, a graduate of the Annenberg School of Communication at USC, is concerned that society has become too acceptant of this new-era shorthand. Students are not the only ones at fault. Adults too have adopted this lax method of prose. Through gramMARCH, Shotke is challenging the nation to slow down and think about what they are writing, so that thoughts and words are concise and given respect.

Big Daddy Radio isn’t just about the spoken word, but about the written word, as well, to convey clear and complete opinions.

We’ll also be joined by attorney, Daniel Gamez and Guest Co-Host, Sandy Rasque.

Heather teaches in Rosemead at a K-8 school – 7th and 8th. She has taken her cause beyond her classroom, yet that is what inspired her. She has friends who teach at reputable colleges that notice this same writing style in entrance essays and exams. Did you know they are dropping the entrance essays in the SATs – probably inspired by the lack of interest of clear and accurate expression through writing.

LOL, OMG have their places, but in a professional email, essay or proposals are not the places. How do you build confidence in your message if your audience has to decipher what you are attempting to say. This is leading to a severe decline and disconnect on how we communicate with each other. The bad habits are being formed now. But think about it, sometimes they text when they are sitting next to each other for privacy.

Daniel Gamez is a debt settlement specialist including medical bills. His goal is to help clients avoid bankruptcy, gain some positive spending and saving habits and lose the noose of debt.

Daniel R. Gamez,an attorney focusing exclusively in debt settlement, is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in California and Texas. Mr.Gamez is a member of the State Bar of California, State Bar of Texas, San Diego County Bar Association, La Jolla Bar Association, North County Bar Association, San Diego Bankruptcy Forum, Bird Rock Elementary Governance Team, and a number of other business and social networking organizations.

You can find his firm here >

Sandy Rasque has started with a new company, Concierge Medicine. Her role is to help them with branding. It’s a bit of client advocacy as well as assisting them through the maze of medical care.


July 17: Hilarity with the usual suspects and Real Estate discussion

Last week it was Angie, Bryan, Pat and Wes.  What started out as a real estate update show ended up being a pretty hilarious coffee clutch. Too many topics to cover – quick and upbeat – don’t miss it!

Patrick Clark of RGI Asset Management - housing market discussion. Bryan says he can talk to you about your house to come up with the price to get you to your goal - either a fast sale or top dollar - and sometimes both!  Brian Daly and Patrick Clark have founded their company on principal, rather than greed. Yes, we all want to make money, but it can be done ethically, fairly and with compassion.

Housing Bubble: Bryan referenced on this topic. Bryan and Patrick agree that we are heading to a bubble that could level out or even implode a bit. Interest rates are following the same sticker shock that gas prices do: raise them up and then back them down a bit so people feel that it's better - false comfort. Then insure 90% of the loans - Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Would be much better if more private money were a part of these loans rather than putting so much in the Federal Government to keep the Real Estate Market going.  Keeping Current Matters states that 40% of buyers are getting better rate than renting. There are plenty of traditional buyers out there - don't panic.

If you need help with short sale, call Bryan now - before the Feds change their generosity.

Bryan talked about being the fat guy on the plane. He would fly first class or not at all. He knows how people were hoping, "Please pass, pass, pass, don't let the fat guy sit by me in the middle and ooze into my seat!" He feels the same about kids - there's always that potential of the ears popping causing a shrill alarm at takeoff and landing. He calls himself out and we were laughing pretty hard - if we were honest!

Preview to next week's show: What is the right age to get a test for your prostate? How about that colon? We'll be talking to expert and his patient survivor next week.  Read more, then tune in!

July 3: Personal Branding and Photography Scams with Laurens Antoine

Bryan and Laurens will be discussing the importance of a professional headshot to brand yourself. Laurens also wants people to beware of photographer’s scams. Tune in – you’ll learn a lot from this in-demand, celebrity photographer. What does our gorgeous brunette say to you? Competent, self-starter, innovator? Perhaps. Are you sure?

About Laurens.

Laurens Antoine is a celebrity and fashion photographer that lives in San Diego, California.

Laurens’ career began in fashion when he founded a number of brands dating back to 1984. In his early years in the fashion industry Laurens started shooting out of passion and need. His marketing always required high end art, so he started to shoot many of the campaigns himself.

In 2003 Laurens started shooting for FHM Magazine, then the fastest growing magazine in the United States. Laurens became the director of photography and his duties broadened to encompass casting models, managing events and at times, public relations. One of the biggest PR coups, Megan Fox being named the Sexiest Woman in the World in 1997 was managed by Laurens who partnered with old friends at B|W|R Public Relations and resulted in 393 views of a behind the scenes video produced by Laurens in less than a week.In 2012 Laurens opened a studio in downtown San Diego to cater to creative agencies and corporations in his home town.

From Laurens Antoine’s Site:

Sadly, many photographers don’t view headshot clients as repeat customers. Aside from the potential of poor quality images, they can employ of number of marketing tactics that are misleading. We hope this helps you avoid problems and helps you find a photographer that delivers you images and an experience you’ll be ecstatic about.

Beware of low-ball advertised prices, especially in Google ads

You’ve seen them: Google and other ads for headshots with low prices right in the headline. Make sure you are getting everything you expect. They’re not loss leaders, they’re usually incomplete services.

Watch for additional fees for proofs, retouching, license, delivery, image size, processing time and a host of other things you may not have considered.

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