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Del Mar Popup Culture with Paulette McWilliams, Loans Tips from Amanda

Amanda Weeks from Movement Mortgage.
Drew Ornelas from the Garrity Group
Angie back from her anniversary celebration.

Oh good grief - one more reality show for Bryan - the Voice. Thanks a lot, Amanda! We really covered Gwen Stefani - salt of the earth, but super intelligent and fashionable. Uh, we are fans of her! She worked hard to get where she is. She's real. Is The Voice taking over American Idol?  Hmmmm. People seem to be enjoying The Voice more. More talent. Not as narcissistic of a panel that Idol has. 

Let's get to a meatier topic, why is everyone so afraid they cannot get a mortgage these days?

Amanda confirmed that it's not nearly as easy as it used to be. It's more of a detail-oriented process.
Work with a professional to get the expectations out on the table. If you want to help speed along the process, be able to get your hands on the documents they'll need such as tax filing from the most recent year or two.

What sets Movement Mortgage apart from other lenders? Let me tell you:
Turn around approval within 6-24 hours.
Then it's just pending appraisal and condo docs.
With this speed, red flags will come out quickly.
They process their files within 7 days. 100% of them are processed within 7 days if Amanda is your loan officer.
Then you know what you are dealing with and can plan your move without waiting for something to come out.

THIS IS CRITICAL so you don't miss on contingency deadlines, deposits, etc. or that you are expecting to close a deal and let other opportunities go by.

Choose your loan professional carefully and insist on the one of your choice with your agent. You are in charge and may choose your team members for your deal.

Amanda LOVES VA loans! Bring them to her!

She's been in loans for two years and Drew thinks she's already earned her superhero status!

WOO HOO! Call in guest today is singer - performer - Paulette McWilliams. You probably don't realize how familiar her voice is. She gave us a taste of many songs and commercials she's performed. You need to list at about5 the halfway mark in the show and you'll say, "NO WAY - THAT'S who sang that?
She's quite humble, but she shared with us that she's worked with Michael Jackson,  Luther Vandros, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Mathis, Qunicy Jones, Rufus - before it was Chaka Kahn's group over the past two decades: tours, albums
hundreds of commercials for national and international brands.

You can see her perform this weekend:
SUNDAY 3:30 - 5pm at the Del Mar Popup Culture Fair
L'Auberge Ampitheater

Give a little bit through 6 Degrees and Buy some GREAT Investor books.

What was the genesis of 6°?
"Accidental business - more me transitioning careers from sports marketing to financial planning.
Not finding much value with the networking groups I was trying."
He has always connected people via email and has gained a great reputation putting people together who mutually benefit and match values. The byproduct, he admits selfishly, was to get more clients for his financial planning business. The group evolved naturally and took on a life of its own.
  • Founded 2007 with their first event.
  • Started with monthly mixers.
  • 600 local paying members.
  • 60,000 attendees to their events:
  • Events include: mixers, panels, CEO round tables, breakfasts. A lot of different options - not just mixers, but educational.

People are flawed in their thought process if you ONLY use online networking. It's a component, a conduit.

Like-minded professionals: Be out there - network of others to connect with and know a face to a name.

The intent is to make 6° a national organization with chapters.
Check out - launched in beta to allow greater intelligence for meeting registration.


6° 7th Anniversary Celebration info:
SILO in Makers Quarter 
753 15th Street, San Diego, CA 92101 (US).

  • Casino night games from Black Tie Casino Events
  • Dueling pianos from Funky Monkey
  • All proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Diego
  • 6° has already granted 5 wishes to local wish kids.
  • There have been over 200 wishes granted in San Diego last year!
  • This is their big celebration each year - big event - business community in San Diego. If you miss this year, you can contact them to be a sponsor for next year!
  • 600 registered already, 12 restaurants are involved in providing food,
  • There are over 20 corprorate sponsors.

"Networking is about farming: It's about building relationships and planting seeds."

If you take a tip from BNI or similar and you meet people who only want to network once in a while, it's like a one-night-stand. They're there to get what they can during that one time. Not really building a relationship.  It's similar to dating.
It's not about YOU - how are you able to benefit their lives?
LINKS FOR 6° and Matt Greene:
6° Anniversary party - if you miss it this year - you can help sponsor NEXT YEAR.
There is plenty of business for everyone - need to find alternatives when one person isn't a fit for Bryan - who can he confidently recommend as an alternative? That's why he connects with someone like Michael Wolf.

Time for author and Realtor, Michael Wolf.
He wrote his first book in 2010. Bryan asked what motivated him to do it, he told us, "There was nothing out that was current or not demeaning, '... for dummies...' The investor book is more for the individual who has invested in real estate.
it's for someone who wants investment real estate and doesn't know where to start.
It identifies what kind of investor you want to be: strip mall or condo?
And it gives you guidance regarding buy and hold, vs. buy and flip, this book covers these options and explanations."
If you don't own your primary residence, buy his first book. The first book gives a person a sense - the mom and pop type of investor - of understanding. His guide gives you the steps from the beginning - again, respectfully, but easy to understand.
The most important part of this book, "What kind investor you are. This is the only way to get to the core strategy that would be best for you."


First impressions - dress out respect for yourself and your clients.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to UNSEE something that is disturbing online or on the television.
Choose carefully - what you view and what you post.

Our hearts go out to the families of the journalist who have met untimely, violent deaths. Angie talked about forgiveness is NOT forgetting, or condoning. We were talking about betrayal, murder, cheating. Not our typical upbeat conversation, but deep and thoughtful. 

How do you feel when you get calls in the middle of the night? Anxiety levels are WAY up.
If my family - my house family - is all in the house, I turn off the ringers. My siblings and I have an agreement, if there is a death - they will still be gone in the morning - get a good night's sleep and we will connect in the morning. Every family does it differently. Most of the time, if I had it on - it was a wrong number or even the dreaded spam sales call - 3 am? Will I want to talk to you - uh NO!

We recapped a conversation about underwear from last week: Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret. We all want to feel good under it all - need it fitting properly to have a comfy day. Don't forget the Gap - but remove the TAGS.
Personally, I prefer the new style of printed tag info without an actual tag. You can cut a tag off, but you still have the edge, or you an snip a hole in the garment or you don't' get the full thing out and now it's sharper than ever! I'd rather spend a couple of more bucks and get something comfy right away rather than having to make modifications.

Past 20 years - business and evening attire is more casual. This speaks volumes as to your level of professionalism
Agents that show up with shorts and flip flops with a client. Makes the client seem like an afterthought.

Wes talked about a test that was conducted on the street:
one man dressed casually, then he changed into business casual and then into a suit. When he crossed the street no one followed him until he was in the suit.  VERY telling - he commanded respect and attention - he was someone to listen to and follow - he looked like a leader.

First impressions. You are showing how much you care about yourself and your clients. As a teen, I remember that the school staff loved dressy dances because kids acted differently when they were dressed nicely rather than costume events, or pajama party themed parties and dances. We usually carry through attitudes that match our attire. It will definitely give that impression whether it is true or not. Know that the first thing we are judged on is our appearance - they see us before they hear us.  When you talk on the phone before meeting someone - SMILE - they can hear you smile - really!

Hat tip to Susan Finch (me) and my show on headshots with Yvonne Heimann.  I talked about Bryan, Wes and Drew as GREAT examples of a professional image online and in person. When you deal with them, you know you have a committed, professional who respects you showing up!

We talked about the importance of Escrow & Title.
California Preferred Escrow - Tim Garland & Mika the escrow officer. THIS is our preferred company. If you are using a different agent (not sure why you would NOT use Bryan...) make sure to ask for California Preferred Escrow to be your escrow company in the transaction. Your agent should respect your request. BRYAN GARRITY would!

The escrow function - the intermediary - is to help everyone understand - don't go for the unknown, CHOOSE your escrow company carefully. Insist on the best.


Old school networking, home Insurance should not be an afterthought.

Tune in today as we have special guest Christopher Grant Contreras who talked about all things insurance. Trust me, it will be lively and it's important both from a personal and commercial perspective. 

Had to giggle at his post prior to the show - let's talk about comfort zones.

"Tomorrow I will be on the radio. See the post below for info. I am doing this as I had decided that I really wanted to do things I haven't done before and also things that I may be afraid to do. You wanna hear me, tune in or go to the website. Wish me luck!"

Chris Contreras Insurance Agency. You'll notice a bunch of 5 star ratings.Check out his reviews to know he is your insurance resource in San Diego County. 

What sorts of things do you do to enrich your social life other than volunteering?

Socially I try to make many social events and plan on being at more and more as my social network continues to grow. The most important thing for me in the connections that I do have is that I try to encourage everyone in all aspects of their lives.

I love to motivate people and give positive reinforcement. I love to help and educate people which is why I think being an insurance advisor has worked out for me. It also helps that I have been in the insurance industry since I was 17 years old. His mom gave him his first job. He got his license at 19. She's still in insurance. He handled payroll, customer service and sales.

Tune in for a GREAT story about outselling the top sales person when he was a customer service rep only. Not good when it's the owner's son.... oops.

Contact Christopher to learn more about California fair plan and wrap around policies.
  • Get insurance quotes before putting an offer on a home.
  • Could be a HUGE difference based on location
  • Get this done EARLY - just as important as checking rates and taxes.
  • Perhaps it cannot be insured - need to know ahead of time.

Realty, Reality and Archie Andrews

WOW! Turn Bryan and Drew loose on a show when a guest has to cancel and it is a full show. You'd think they had a full panel. It was quite a show full of  topics.

The real person you want to list your house is ME!
We don't want to spend the whole show talking about real estate - you've heard business shows today before this came on. If you need to buy, want to buy, want to see, need to sell or don't know - call me, make an appointment. Let's make a plan

OK, let's get back to the lifestyle portion of this site.

If you are in distress, don't be - pick up the phone.
Call about anything regarding real estate. Doesn't matter what part of the county it is in. We treat each house as it's own unique business proposition.

All about handing volume consistently, but knowing when to say when.
That's why we have our preferred vendor, Wes Shaw of RPM Mortgage.
You always want to be planning.
BREAK IT DOWN for the folks - make it NOT boring.

Sales are primarily back to traditional, but there is the reset for those loans - those balloon payments - we are going back to short sales coming back on the market. Stuff happens - jobs lost, jobs changed - you need help - call us!

Archie was shot and killed? We'll cover that after the break.

Some talk about Real Housewives and our friend, .....Tamra
DUH! Do you not know this is not 100% reality? Really? Folks - it would be boring or a hot mess if it was all REAL. Gotta edit, stir it up... come on.
There is talk of reunion filming as the show ends...

If you missed Ladies of London -try to catch it on Hulu.
We are THE reality show junkies.
The culture differences between the American women and Brits - THAT's interesting.

Don't judge us on this. Bryan has his law degree, is very educated - he just loves these for entertainment. Drew's on board with this too. Hey - we know these shows are ENTERTAINMENT - we know they are not our friends or real people - they are characters coached.

Shout out to Marisol Patton.

OK, back from break..

Going to Tahiti. UNPLUGGED is the KEY! Soak in the surroundings, take pause.
Mykonos was another favorite. Stay at the Mykonos Grand - save up - do it right!

Heather Shotke from GramMarch will be back on. We will be supporting her upcoming events. 
Time to get back to complete sentences in schoolwork, business correspondence and more.

What about Archie? He's been around since 1939 - why did they kiill him off? Is this a political statement.

He was killed because he was defending his own openly gay friend, who is a senator on the topic of gun control. That brings us to Gay Pride. San Diego Pride week.
LGBTG - gotta get them all in there... It's more than the extreme folks in their underwear they like to show on the news. Gays own businesses, have families, get married, support charities, hire people..

THOR is going to be a WOMAN! What a courageous move for Marvel! Should be interesting.

Big Daddy Radio 2.0 is because of YOU!

Hey, we are BACK! We have missed you all. We thought we were moving, but because of your enormous support on ESPN we are back - we are here for YOU! Thank you. We are truly humbled by the campaign.

2.0 - why 2.0? Well DUH! We moved to the 2:00 hour! Like it? We thought you would!

Let's recap the past month or so:
Angie's twins turned 17 a few days ago - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS!
Angie gave us a lot of background on her current campaign on Indiegogo crowd-funding resource. There are several options for this type of starter fundraising that give a lot of people options.

Oh, and big surprise - Bryan has had more health issues this past month. He hates even going into it, but here's the take away....


your friends are asking if there may be an issue, don't sluff it off. They notice these differences. LISTEN TO THEM, take action, insist on checking in with your doc and perhaps getting 2nd or 3rd opinions. It's your life - make it of quality!

Oh and we covered the Kardashians, Gaga, the future features on our show, music and more.

Bryan’s New Home: The Home Pro Show

We are going to be focusing on them and how they conceptually got started with this program. Sean and Heather Johnson started The Home Pro Show two years ago in order to provide San Diego consumers a trusted local resource for information, education and entertainment about their homes.

They have built a strong team of the very best pros in each home service category. These pros review companies, answer questions, provide advice and help connect homeowners to the right pro for any job they may have.

Each Saturday morning at 9AM on KOGO 600, you can hear The Home Pro Show discuss a variety of topics related to your home. From remodeling to real estate, from solar to subfloors, The Home Pro Show covers it all with expert pros in each category.

Similarly, on San Diego 6 TV each Monday at 9AM, The Home Pro Show feature on San Diego Living brings those same pros on to help solve problems and inspire San Diegans to do great things with their homes and gardens.

All of the pros and information can be accessed around-the-clock at This online resource has tips, advice, videos and a searchable database of the top local companies in each home service category. Of course, all of this is a totally free service to the San Diego community.

Before any company can come on The Home Pro Show or, they must pass a very rigorous approval process. This process weeds out the lesser companies so only the top pros in each category are ever found on the show or the associated online and social media outlets. Only the very best are ever granted the status Approved Home Pro. Many, many companies have been turned down for Approval and no amount of money can buy Approval when it has not been earned.

Sean, Heather and the whole team stand behind the program and put their hard work and passion into every show and every online post. They believe they had a duty to the local community to help protect them from unscrupulous companies and to help Uplift, Educate and Entertain the San Diego community. BIOS

Sean Johnson- Long time media veteran, Sean was the Vice President of Clear Channel Radio here in San Diego for several years. In that position he led the sales efforts for seven top local stations and the San Diego Chargers radio broadcasts. Sean also ran his own publishing company for several years.

Heather Johnson- Heather spent several years working with home improvement radio in the Phoenix market. As well, she was a top performer with both Clear Channel and Bonneville radio groups.

San Diego is on FIRE and we’ll help keep you safe.

Wes was on the show and the mortgage rates had hit their lowest point of the year for 2014 as of the show date.  There is no rhyme or reason really.  Everyone said we wouldn’t see these types of rates again and now here they are.  Although I did see there is going to be a trend reversal.

This week's show.  We focused basically on the fires, things that homeowners can do to help protect their homes.  Angie’s husband invented a device called Ember Deflectors which as you know the embers are the primary reason the houses end up burning to the ground.

Oscar Coverage and Mia from Wounded Warrior Homes

This show featured Angela Moskovis, Wesley Shaw of RPM, Adam on the board.
Special guest Mia Roseberry from Wounded Warrior Homes

We covered the Oscar's and John Travolta's pronunciation debacle.
Can I just say, WE LOVE PINK! She's tremendous - not only does she do her own acrobatics, but can sing  with such resonance at the same time. She's powerful and under-appreciated! And, how many of you cry or mist up when you hear "Wind Beneath my Wings" by Bette Midler? Perfect timing on that.

Wes' Recap on Loans, Interest and the Market:
improving interest rates with Ukraine crisis. It's a great time to obtain a mortgage. At about 4.5 percent you are borrowing money at a good price.Don't wait - sellers are serious, as are buyers. Bryan disagrees when people say 
to wait until summer - no reason to delay. There are buyers waiting for you. Do it while the rates are at 4.5 percent. Let's not wait.

Mia Roseberry, co-founder of Wounded Warrior Homes in San Diego
Their mission is to provide transitional housing to single post-911 combat veterans with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. Many veterans are discharged from military, but what you don't know is that they are discharged due to injury, it can take up to two years to receive their benefits when they get out. In the meantime, they have no income, and due to the injury they cannot work. Has greatly increased the homeless population. There are over 48,000 Iraq and Iran veterans who are homeless from USA Today report. This is sickening. No one seems to realize that it truly takes time for everything to come through. They have no money, some don't have family or support system. They go home to Midwest - cannot get to VA support - no doctors in their plan, no facilities. Takes hours to get there - cannot afford the gas, cannot find someone with that kind of time to get them there.

San Diego County has such an amazing wealth of resources. They get support from the Balboa and La Jolla VA facilities and many other offices in the county. Bryan found out about Wounded Warrior Homes from his friends Brian and Patrick at REIG Asset Management. They are a HUGE sponsor for Wounded Warrior Homes. People don't realize how the system works and how long it takes to get the flow of benefits, especially when you are not near veteran support systems.

Compare this to the $500K willing to pay for dinner with Kim Kardashian. 

Disgusting when you think HOW many veterans that same money could help. 

Society can be so shallow and the media even worse to talk about that over the needs of those who have served this country. We need to retrain our media to cover what is and should be important.

REIG has hired one of the clients from WWH as an intern to give him training in the field he's interested in. Any company can make a difference through intern programs, part time help, mentoring, donating time and money.

Mia let us know that the residents, short or long term must be drug and alcohol free. Short term is an option. Some have been with them for only four months and then "graduate." She told us, "We have a great guy that is now a spokesperson for us - he's back on his feet, creating companies and serving as a mentor."

Angie recognized, "There needs to be a fine balance between caring and allowing them to launch themselves back to independence." Through Wounded Warior Homes, they connect the residents with attorneys, appointments - they ensure recreational activities, religious opportunities - anything to get them back to "normal" or their "new normal." - to learn more

Upcoming Events: 

Come see us at the Carlsbad Street Faire
Sunday, May 4th, 2014, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Carlsbad Village (Grand Ave. from Carlsbad Blvd. to Jefferson St.)
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Second Annual Hot Rods 4 Heroes in Association with the San Diego County Parks & Recreation Department

as part of the Grand Opening of the San Diego Waterfront Park & Promenade1537 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

Across from the San Diego Maritime Museum

Come Join Us for a Great Day On The Bay! 
100% goes to


4th Annual Warrior’s Code Poker Ride

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

5th Annual Biggs Harley-Davidson of Southern California

1040 Los Vallecitos Blvd., San Marcos, CA 92069
live music, food, raffles at all events.

Wyoming's own Bobby Chitwood concert - 2nd year helping them. He is the Wounded Warrior Homes' Celebrity spokesperson
June 29. Tickets on sale this month.
Further opportunities:

Help build a home program. 
House donated by Team Capital 100% solar house. Trucked from DC to Irvine.
This home is IN STORAGE, ADA compliant and needs to get to the property!
Next phase of permit process, trucking to set on property - more home space. 

$80,000 to finish this project! 
You can specify your donation to go to that project, corporate sponsorship available.
Pacific Marine Credit Union recently raised $8000 in 30 days from their branches. It doesn't have to be hard, you just have to decide to help!

We ended the show talking about our no bullying stand and the Wisconsin news anchor story about a guy who badgered a newscaster for being overweight on the air. There was some... backlash to say the least.

Real Estate Day: Brian Dunn on Tenant Management and Property Management

Our guest today is Brian Dunn, Owner/Broker of Pruett Realty located in Ocean Beach 619-222-0316
We were also joined by Drew Orneleas.

Basic process with a tenant that doesn't pay:
3 day pay or quit
Contact legal professional.
Typically, post 3 day notice, try to serve directly to tenant OR post and mail.

Pruett usually gives a 3 day grace period and then starts phone calls on 4th 5th day, still no rent? then 3 day notice.

Hire a professional to manage your rentals. Do not handle yourself. Just takes one bad experience to account for 3 months of rent you won't get - possibly. Align yourself with a team to help you manage.
Helps to be a 3rd party with emotions removed.

Bryan asked, "What is the longest you've seen someone stay in or heard about - the horror stories...?"
Brian said he's heard of some that were up to months and months. Best to have have a property manager. Don't mess around with this.

His firm filters through the potential problems and problem tenants with their application process. They tend to drive away tenants that would be prone to playing games on the rent. They do not permit a potential tenant to provide their own credit reports - they can be false. Since then, it's a company policy to produce their own credit reports on the applicant. Bryan Garrity cannot say enough positive about Pruett Realty's property management services.

Here's a poll: have you updated your IOS lately? Angie admits to being a coward and Bryan HATES Windows 8 and wants 7 back!
We had a conversation on apps. Uh, you cannot handle all of your real estate services with Apps. Or you can, good luck! The apps don't have the experience of the market, experience, etc. They are programmed for black and white.
FSBO (For Sale By Owner) will give it a shot, use the apps and then curse the process because it went SOO bad, not just for them, but for the buyer. Think about just one word, "DISCLOSURES." Without the seller being accountable, they may not mean to, but they could forget to disclose MANY items that can be disastrous. 

Be careful what you count on for apps when it comes to your home.
Uh - ZILLOW - It's not always accurate, it's inflated. Be careful. Go by MLS - that's where the agents/brokers have to have accountability.

Wouldn't you want someone helping you that goes through ongoing training and must in order to stay licensed?
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